The cliche goes education pays, but what if you're already wealthy without paying your dues in the classroom? Would you be true to yourself and get your diploma anyway?

Stephen Curry, one of pro basketball's most exciting young players, is constructing a scheme to re-enroll at Davidson College, despite being under a four-year, $12 million contract.

The sweet shooting Golden State Warriors guard is just five classes short of getting his undergraduate degree in sociology.

Curry tells the San Francisco Chronicle that should the NBA lockout cancel the start of pre-season camp, he'll sign up for the classes he needs to get the cap and gown. Only a thesis paper will stand in Curry's way.

The NCAA might prevent Curry from visiting Davidson's men's basketball practices. He's checking to see if he can help the Wildcats out, while not breaking the archaic college rules.

Curry also has plans to get married and claims he's saved his money.

While many NBA players are freaking out about the potential loss in salary, the frugal guard isn't among them.

Stephen says he's lived on a tight financial plan since joining the Warriors. He only owns one car, rents an apartment in Oakland and has saved a lot of money to make it through what could be 1 1/2 years without a paycheck.

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