Tiger Woods believes he can help the Japanese people overcome the horrors they've experienced recently from a massive earthquake and tsunami by selling them heat-rub.

The disgraced PGA star picked up his first new TV commercial since his infamous 2009 sex scandal.

AFP via Yahoo Sport reports Tiger appeared in a 15-second spot in Japan for Kowa, endorsing the companies heat-rub.

In addition to the spot, Tiger also appears on Kowa's Website with a brief video message welcoming Vantelin as a sponsor.

"Hello my friend in Japan, Hi I'm Tiger Woods, I understand that Japan is in a very difficult situation right now. I love Japan and I love the Japanese people. My heart is with all the people in Japan. Together, I believe we can overcome this heart ship.

Starting this summer I will be appearing in a TV commercial for Kowa as an image character for Vantelin. I'm very happy to be able to appear in a TV commercial. From now on, Vantelinis my new partner. I look forward to seeing you in the near future, go Vantelin!"

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