While the majority of professional athletes, music stars and otherwise super-rich celebs love to drive around town in blinged out Cadillac Escalades, one NBA superstar is happy to travel with a hybrid or skateboard.

Steve Nash, voted the NBA's third most marketable player, has filmed a commercial for the Toyota Prius.

And it's funny.

The highlight has Nash doing a happy dance after cutting off an older driver to grab a parking spot.

Advantage Nash, but it's pretty tough to claim victory for commandeering a spot when the parking lot is as wide open as the Knicks' defense.

In all seriousness, Nash is one of the biggest environmentalists in pro sports, and he is credited with helping to set up the installation of the NBA's first solar panels at the US Airways Center in Phoenix.

Nash, at age 37 the oldest NBA player to lead the league in assists, is in charge of "Team PowerSmart" in British Columbia. He also serves as a spokesperson for renewable energy programs and conservation efforts in Arizona.

But despite his maturity and wisdom, the AARP might not be calling after Nash ruined a poor old woman's day.

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