In the days before 9/11, a man from West Bloomfield, Michigan, who earned a living from marketing lingerie, Famous Amos cookies and more, was able to live out all his childhood sporting dreams.

Barry Bremen, known as sports "The Great Impostor," died last week at age 64 from esophageal cancer. From 1979 to 1986 Bremen pretended to be a Major League Baseball umpire in the World Series, a player in a MLB All-Star Game, a player in a NBA All-Star Game, a referee in the NFL, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and a professional golfer. He also posed as an Emmy Award accepter, thanking Dick Schaap.

The Wall Street Journal reports Bremen was arrested at the 1982 Super Bowl at the Pontiac Silverdome after he attempted to be part of the festivities dressed as the San Diego Chicken.

While Morganna The Kissing Bandit and Rollen Stewart, known for his rainbow Afro and "John 3:16" sign were more famous crazy fans during the 1980's, Bremen had his own shenanigans that helped him land late night TV guest spots with Johnny Carson and later with David Letterman.

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