One of the best perks about winning a championship is meeting the president at the White House.

Right, San Francisco Giants?

Well, maybe not. The original visit, scheduled in late April, was postponed because President Obama was not available. His reason? We'll get to that.

But the rescheduled trip is coming up, and not all the Giants are looking forward to it.

The San Jose Mercury News reports utility infielder Jeff Keppinger was flabbergasted when asked if he was excited to visit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. "Uh ... well, sure," Keppinger said.

It's not just Keppinger. The San Francisco Chronicle reports some of the Giants are privately complaining about having to give up an off-day, combined with an overnight flight to visit the President.

But hey, stuff happens. In the case of the POTUS, the "stuff" that caused the delay was the Special Forces plan to take out Osama bin Laden on May 1.

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