From peanuts, popcorn, cracker jacks, hot dogs and beer, ballparks across America are about to get a big new culinary choice.

The Colorado Rockies have become the first team in major American sports to place a food truck inside its home stadium.

Fans attending Coors Field following the All-Star Game were treated to the moveable feast.

Aramark Corporation, which handles ballpark food in Denver and a number of stadiums around the world, added "Wok in the Park," a truck serving up tasty noodle bowls and yummy egg rolls on the first-level concourse.

Cafe Society, a Denver food blog, reports the food truck will be at Rockies games the rest of the season. It could end up traveling across the country to other Aramark venues.

Richard Heese, regional director for Aramark Corporation, believes the Rockies roach coach could start a ballpark trend.

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