Ricky Williams wants to put the NFL's drug program under a harsh spotlight.

The Miami Dolphins running back will be featured in a documentary titled "The Truth Cabin," that will explore mostly off-the-field issues involving the former Heisman Trophy winner.

Sean Pamphilon, who created the hugely successful "Run Ricky Run" documentary for ESPN, is behind the new project.

In the original film, Williams exposed the sexual abuse he endured from his father at a young age.

Ricky is not your normal football star; he's a licensed yoga instructor and massage therapist, with plans to attend medical school when he's done in the National Football League. Williams is very much into yoga, pranic healing and meditation.

Andrew Carter of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports the undertaking will delve into illegal drugs and pro sports. Pamphilon plans to look at the disconnect of big-time sports partnering up with alcohol companies while taking a strong stance against smoking pot and other drugs.

"Pain killer addiction is rampant in [the NFL]," said Pamphilon, who noted Williams -- who hasn't made his marijuana use a secret -- "doesn't believe in prescription medication and pain pills."

Pamphilon hasn't made the film yet; he's looking to raise close to $90,000 in capital to make "The Truth Cabin" a reality.

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