Kyrie Irving hasn't played a game with the Cleveland Cavaliers and already he's found himself in the center of a tabloid driven scandal.

The NBA's No. 1 overall pick had a restraining order placed against him by a woman he was flirting with on Twitter.

Media Take Out, an urban tabloid style site, reports a young model named Miss Hawaii was upset after flirting with Irving online and paying her own way to travel from the New York area to North Carolina to meet him.

When the woman whose legal name is Jessica Jackson showed up to the Tar Heel State, Irving, a Blue Devils star, wasn't happy with what he saw and ignored her. Miss. Hawaii ended up angry and on her way back to the Big Apple.

As the saying goes, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. Jackson started taking cheap shots at Irving on Twitter. The future Cavs star got defensive and according to Media Take Out, responded by threatening Miss Hawaii.

She wasted little time in going to police in West Orange, New Jersey, and having the court issue a restraining order against Kyrie Irving.

The police report accuses Irving of harassment, for continuously calling, tenting and more. It says he threatened to "have his goons handle her."

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