Joe Theismann is the answer to an obscure trivia question: he's believed to be the only NFL player to have hoof-and-mouth disease.

While many who have watched him yap on TV over the years aren't surprised, this is no laughing matter.

The Redskins legend told Mike Wise on "106.7 The Fan" in Washington D.C. that that in 1971 while playing a Canadian Football League game in Montreal his bad luck hit an all-time high.

A cattle show was in the stadium the previous day, and during the course of the game dirt got into Theismann's mouth. When he woke up the next day his throat was on fire.

Theismann told the Washington Post his dentist informed him he had an extremely rare case of hoof-and-mouth disease, aka trench mouth.

Hoof-and-mouth mostly strikes livestock. It is sometimes fatal and you can get it from dirt.

Always the salesman, Theismann, 61, is telling this embarrassing tale to help sell Defense Sport Mouthguard Rinse, a company he just signed an endorsement deal with.

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