Fact: Tiger Woods is the most decorated athlete in ESPY Award history, having won 21 times.

Rumor: 37 other statuettes have come out claiming to have been in Tiger’s house at least once.

Yup, that joke is very 2010.

At the 2011 ESPY's, Tiger is likely safe from the stinging barbs of returning host Seth Meyers, the same guy who absolutely obliterated Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner back in April. Frank McCourt, on the other hand, should probably find an island somewhere without television or a web connection.

It is indeed ESPY week in Los Angeles, and that means a plethora of America's favorite athletes running around the city, eating in our best restaurants, attending promotional events, and keeping limo drivers happy.

The traditional Playboy-ESPY party took place Monday night, and while Hef was likely home watching his private video collection of movie classics like "Backsides to the Future," revelers gathered at a club called Boulevard 3 in Hollywood. There were apparently some last-minute insurance and/or logistical concerns that moved the party from the famous Holmby Hills residence.

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And though it didn't quite have the same ambience of the Mansion, there was still plenty of fun to be had. PR executive Steve Webster of CMPR.com escorted athletes along the red carpet that ran some 30 yards down a Sunset Boulevard sidewalk. Among those taking it all in last night: Adrian Peterson, Russell Westbrook, DeSean Jackson and former 'Bama QB Greg McElroy. Jeremy Piven, Lee Ann Rimes and husband Eddie Cibrian (pictured), and rapper Flo Rida also came to see and be seen. A number of young women wearing only body paint shockingly left their navels in plain view, something most of these athletes have never seen before.

My favorite moment of the night was hanging out a bit with "The Blind Side" star Quinton Aaron, a nice guy who seems to be searching for another shot at stardom. It was amazing how many more people wanted to take a picture with Quinton than they did with some of the athletes.

We've all had fun mocking the ESPY's over the years, but it's time to dismount my high horse and just roll with the laughs. Because ESPN, in bringing back funnyman Meyers, has finally realized that levity goes a long way at the ESPY's. And really, after possibly the worst Oscar show in history this year, at least James Franco won't be human Ambien. Now if someone could only teach the athletes how to read a teleprompter.