Terrell Suggs is hoping to find success on the big screen similar to what he's enjoyed on the football field.

The Baltimore Ravens linebacker is going headfirst into the movie business as CEO of "Team Sizzle Worldwide," an independent film company located in Maryland.

Suggs is keeping busy during the lockout, producing his first feature film, "The Coalition," and released a teaser on Twitter last week.

Suggs told the Baltimore Sun he began working on "The Coalition," May 17.

"It's about men and women's relationships," Suggs said.

With 68 tackles, 11 sacks, two forced fumbles and two pass deflections, Suggs had the best season of his Ravens career in 2011.

But judging by the teaser, his movie career still needs lots of time on the practice field.

"The Coalition" Teaser from Team Sizzle Films on Vimeo.

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