Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez were among the stars who weren't in Arizona for Tuesday's MLB All-Star Game, leaving Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton as baseball's real lone star.

Hamilton, the 2010 American League MVP, has by far the highest N-score of any All-Star starter.

Nielsen's N-Score evaluates name, image awareness, appeal and attributes such as sincerity, approachability, experience and influence to come up with a ballplayers endorsement potential.

Hamilton's N-Score of 40 is 73.9 percent higher than the next closest All-Star starter, Robinson Cano (23) of the Yankees.

The American League beats the National League 97-to-78 when comparing the starting lineups endorsement power.

Jeter, who was too tired to even make the trip to Arizona, has an N-Score of 165, close to the COMBINED scores (175) for all of the 2011 All-Star starters.

The Yankees captain is 312.5 percent more marketable than Hamilton.

Jose Bautista, Major League Baseball's mid-season home run leader, has an N-Score of just 7, which is second lowest (behind Rickie Weeks 4), among players who qualified with Nielsen.

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