From the Holy Roller to Holy Water.

When you think of the Raiders, angelic images don't often come to mind, but would you believe the Silver & Black locker room is home to the NFL's most sacred whirlpool?

Napoleon Kaufman, 37, star running back for the Raiders, walked away from pro football 10 years ago to become a preacher. In 2003, he opened Well Christian Community Church in Dublin, California with just 15 members, its expanded to a congregation of 1,500 today.

The Seattle Times ran a feature on Kaufman's transition from being a party boy athlete to a man of God. They included an nteresting nugget:

Kaufman became the Silver & Black's chaplain and baptized several teammates in the Oakland Raiders team whirlpool.

Talk about your NFL holy water!

Kaufman was no slouch in the NFL. He had some very productive seasons in the Bay Area, leading the NFL in yards per rushing attempt in 1996 with 5.8. Kaufman had a thousand-yard season in 1997, when he ran for 1,294 yards -- sixth-most in the league that season.

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