Forget the Yankees and Red Sox. The Pittsburgh Pirates have been baseball's best team for sports bettors in Las Vegas.

Without a winning season since 1992, the Pirates have made gamblers $1,415 on the money line.

Lead by Andrew McCutchen and Kevin Correia, the Bucs are one of just three teams over $1,000 in the money standings.

The Philadelphia Phillies, with baseball's best record (57-34) at the All-Star Break, are second with $1,174, followed by the surprising Cleveland Indians at $1,034.

If you had bet on the Yankees every game, you'd have made just $643 in profit. The Red Sox gave gamblers even less, $479 at the All-Star break.

Thanks to baseball's worst record, the Houston Astros have cost betters $2,640 in the first half. But they're a great play if you bet against them.

It's interesting to note ...

Baltimore Orioles are only AL East team who has lost money for gamblers (-$1,382). The Toronto Blue Jays have won $6 for bettors.

Texas Rangers moved to +$207 in the money standings, thanks to a seven-game winning streak heading into the All-Star Break.

St. Louis Cardinals are tied with the Milwaukee Brewers for first place in the National League Central, despite LOSING -$67 for sports bettors.

Florida Marlins (-$402) are the only NL East team that has lost money.

Despite a .500 record (46-46) the Washington Nationals helped gamblers win $661.

Ten Worst MLB Money Line Teams

30) Houston Astros -$2,640
29) Oakland Athletics -$1,830
28) Colorado Rockies -$1,738
27) Chicago Cubs -$1,685
26) Baltimore Orioles -$1,382
25) Los Angeles Dodgers -$1,301
24) Kansas City Royals -$1,094
23) Cincinnati Reds -$757
22) San Diego Padres -$678
21) Seattle Mariners -$425

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