Aaron Rodgers launched himself into NFL elite status after winning Super Bowl MVP honors, and his loyalties now run deep with cheeseheads.

The Packers star, playing a practice round of golf for this weekends American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe, politely refused a fan's autograph request on a Dallas Cowboys hat.

Reno Gazette-Journal reports Rodgers told the fan he wasn't signing his Cowboys memorabilia. The Dallas supporter wasn't too upset, smiling and telling friends he "thought Rodgers and (Dallas QB Tony) Romo were best friends."

Rodgers let his large gallery of fans know he would be limiting his John Hancock to only golf tournament programs and kids' T-shirts during his time playing golf.

One lifelong Packers fan traveled more than 2,000 miles just to see Rodgers.

Jennifer Reinhart, from Sheboygan, Wis., wasn't upset with the Super Bowl MVP's reluctance to sign Green Bay memorabilia. Reinhart says Rodgers was very "humble" for someone who just won a Super Bowl.

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