Tommy Lee hacked an NHL star's Twitter page.

The iconic musician recently stayed in the same New York City hotel room as new Rangers addition Brad Richards. When Lee logged into the computer, he noticed Richards hadn't signed out of Twitter, so the founding member of Motley Crue sent 140 character messages out under the NHL star's account.

"im a dork!.… im still signed in in NYC!! uh oh!!!!!!"

Richards became distressed, thinking he was the victim of a hacker, only to calm down when Lee sent out a second text to let him in on the joke.

"signing out for ya!! im a nice hacker!! HEy dude btw..its Tommy Lee!!! hahah!! @mrtommyland"

Richards told the New York Post he really thought he had been hacked, but now is happy he got a life Twitter lesson and a "classic story" to tell his friends.

@MrTommyLand has over 141,000 followers, slightly more than he Rangers star @BRichards_1991 with more than 35,000 devotees.

Richards, the newest member of the Rangers, thanked Lee for making his first week with the team a memorable one!

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