Eyebrows were raised when the Flyers decided to unload a pair of popular players this season. New back-fence talk has come to light on the moves.

Captain Mike Richards was sent to the Los Angeles Kings and center Jeff Carter took his talents to the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Philadelphia Daily News intimates both players were moved because they like to drink.

A pair of gutless former teammates, who wouldn't give up their names, told the newspaper the supposed truth regarding the Flyers front office decision to trade Richards and Carter for failing to clean up their liquored up lifestyle. Teammates claimed to be worried about the boys' out-of-control drinking.

Flyers coach Peter Laviolette tried to clean up the untamed, rowdy, undisciplined ways of his team by asking his ice skaters with sticks to pass on drinking alcohol for a month. Players nicknamed it "Dry Island," having to write their numbers on a locker room board as a pledge of good faith. Carter and Richards skipped an estimated six "Dry Island's" after the tactics were used.

GM Paul Holmgren claimed it was "preposterous" to think the Flyers traded the popular players over partying, saying he made good hockey trades.

Carter's agent used vulgar language to defend his client from these naughty claims. It's "bull----" to suggest that the two were traded because of their partying. "You're telling me a number of accusations [that] they are out partying and not focused on hockey. For someone to suggest that behind doors without having the balls to come out publicly, consider it for what it is," Rick Curran told the Philly Daily News.

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