Training camp can be a real drag: Lots of sprinting and football drills at the hottest time of the year. But Darnell Dockett has figured out a unique way to help endure the ordeal.

The Arizona Cardinals defensive end announced on Twitter he's bringing his pet with him to camp. Normally that wouldn't be a big issue -- who doesn't love dogs and cats?

But this is nothing furry.

Dockett, who's started every game the past five years for the Cardinals and has an ongoing streak of 81 consecutive starts during the regular season, said he's bringing Nino, his pet alligator with him. In fact, Dockett is getting his little friend with a big mouth his own bed.

"My coach says NO GIRLS allowed in the rooms doing trainning camp but he never said no Gators! Me and NINO getting Bunk Beds! #Soexcited"

No word on whether Cards coach Ken Whisenhunt will extend his no-girls rule to include gators.

Dockett had a tough childhood. His mother was shot to death when he was 13, and his father passed from cancer less than six months later. Before the Cardinals played in the 2009 Super Bowl, Dockett told reporters he forgave his mother's murderer.

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