Ric Flair always said "to be the man you gotta beat the man." Now he's backing that up with a return to rasslin'.

The 62-year-old icon of pro wrestling has been out of action for over three months with a bum shoulder. But Flair quieted retirement rumors, telling the Albany Herald he plans a triumphant return to wrestling in September.

"I don't know for sure, but it will be either Sting or Kurt Angle," Flair said about the prospective opponent in his comeback match. "It just depends on whoever wins between them on Aug. 6. You got the scoop right there, brother."

Flair, protected by a group of bodyguards, spent two hours at an Albany Wal-Mart signing autographs and posing for pictures with hundreds of fans, some who waited in line for more than three hours to catch the TNA star.

Richard Morgan Fliehr (Flair's real name), made his pro wrestling debut in December 1972.

During his 40 years in the ring, "The Nature Boy," has taken home 16 world championships and enjoyed a record-tying 5 U.S. championship reigns.

In 2000, Flair considered getting into politics. After considering a run for governor of North Carolina, he never actually filed the paper work to make it happen.

Flair hasn't been in the ring since April 16.

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