A light hitting backup outfielder can feed you for an entire year.

Roger Bernadina isn't a household name in his own home, but should you score a photo with the Washington Nationals player nicknamed "The Shark," you might win free burritos for 52 weeks..

NBC Washington reports a tongue and cheek offer on Twitter turned into marketing gold.

It's not brain surgery: All you have to do is take a photo of Roger Bernadina eating a fish taco, and you'll win free burritos for an entire year!

Several rules have been set up. You must ask politely to take Bernadina's photo. He must have slaw visible in the photo. And the winner will only get one burrito per week for 52 weeks.

But the best part of the contest guidelines is that Bernadina, believed to making the Major League minimum salary of $414,000, is eligible to take a photo of himself eating the fish taco and win the year's supply of burritos!

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