Jimmer Fredette, the rock star of college basketball last season, is getting lots attention from famous athletes.

The former BYU star, who will begin his NBA journey with the Sacramento Kings, is hosting a week-long basketball camp for almost 600 children in Salt Lake City.

Jimmer told ABC News 10 in Sacramento that he's not used to being a big cheese with the sporting celebs.

"It's been crazy," said Jimmer. "I met Dirk (Nowitzki) at the ESPYs, and I met Jason Kidd, Aaron Rodgers, Justin Timberlake, John Elway, the list goes on. It's unbelievable because they come up to me and they know my name."

But that's not all. Fredette, winner of the 35th annual John R. Wooden Award, was excited to tell the story about his meeting with an Atlanta Braves pitching legend:

"The funniest thing was John Smoltz, the great pitcher, he came up to me and took off his hat and said, 'Can I have your autograph?' I was like, 'I should be asking you for your autograph.'"

Smoltz, just the second pitcher in history to have had both a 20-win season and a 50-save season, won the 2006 Cy Young Award and is currently working as analyst for TBS.

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