Mike Tyson is returning to reality TV in a memorable way. The former heavyweight champion of the world will be featured as a male nurse on CBS's new series "Same Name."

The reality show asks famous people to trade places with total strangers who just happen to share the same name. The plan is to take a different celebrity each week out of the famous life they lead and trade day-to-day routines with their counterpart to see how the other half lives.

Tyson is switching lives with another Mike Tyson from a small town in western Michigan.

The pop culture icon spent a few days trading places with the man who's name he shares in Zeeland, a unique community with a population of 5,465, famous for honeycomb manufacturing.

Jim Kaat, winner of 283 games for the Twins, White Sox, Phillies, Yankees and Cardinals, is the most famous ex-athlete born in Zeeland.

The Grand Rapids Press reports boxing's version of Tyson wears a medical gown and works as a nurse at Spectrum Health while the cameras roll.

The Mike Tyson episode will be broadcast on August 7.

Reggie Bush of the Saints and pop culture icon David Hasselhoff are among the other celebs taking part in the new CBS reality show that debuts this weekend.

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