Michael Vick might need to call an audible.

The Eagles lightning rod, apparently unable to pass up a deal, signed "exclusive" advertising agreements with competing sports nutrition companies.

The Philadelphia Daily News reports both businesses issued statements claiming Vick was representing their products.

Vick, trying to repair his tarnished reputation after spending 21 months in prison for dog fighting, agreed to an exclusive five-year deal with Miami-based Fuse Science.

Key word here is "exclusive" -- meaning Vick, with a .597 winning percentage in the regular season and .400 in the playoffs, isn't allowed to hawk similar products from competitors.

But it looks like that didn't stop the Pro Bowl quarterback from taking a $1.55 million deal for three years from Denver-based company MusclePharm.

"That was all speculation," Liza Santana, a Fuse spokeswoman, wrote to the Philadelphia Daily News via email. "Michael's contract with Fuse is a five-year exclusive and was fully executed on July 7th. I would say that he is well aware that signing any other deals would be a breach of contract."

One difference? Vick isn't quoted in a PR release from MusclePharm. Fuse's release has quotes from Vick about the company's "game-changing technology" and "incredible team of scientists and business leaders."

Nike welcomed Vick back as an endorser of swoosh products earlier this month. CNBC points out that he lost a $2 million endorsement deal with Nike in 2007.

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