Jack McKeon is a rock star with the rocking chair crowd.

The Marlins 80-year-old manager receives as many as 20 letters a day, mostly from AARP cardholders who delight in his temporary job running a Major League Baseball franchise.

McKeon says the fans tell him what an inspiration he's been.

The Washington Post reports several e-mails arrive each day, but McKeon doesn't believe in e-mail or "Tweeter" as he calls it. A Marlins PR assistant prints out the e mails and passes them to McKeon, who reads them often.

While most managers are politically correct with the media, speaking in sports cliches, McKeon doesn't censor his commentary on players.

The Marlins skipper says his job is not to stroke egos or relate to players. McKeon believes his players have been "babied all their lives," and "don't know how to play the game but have been rewarded for mediocrity."

McKeon compares his managing job to having kids or grandkids. "There's a certain amount of discipline that’s necessary. You can't get rid of them, but you can put them on the bench.”"

Growing up in a devout Catholic working class family, McKeon gets up early each morning, no matter his travel schedule, attending Mass daily at a Catholic church no matter the city.

The oldest manager in baseball since Connie Mack retired at age 88 in 1950 doesn't expect to be back in 2012, but he's okay with that.

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