A bevy of European soccer stars was feeling no pain after a wild night of partying in New York City.

Members of Manchester United's legendary soccer squad, on a U.S. tour, celebrated in legendary ways. The British ballers shenanigans included dancing on tables, wearing flapper headbands from burlesque show gurus and wearing gangster hats and fake mustaches.

The NY Post reports Ryan Giggs got up on stage to dance with a belly dancer whom the entire Manchester team was mesmerized with. One player wore a fake mustache.

The soccer team took over a number of Manhattan night spots, including a Moulin Rouge-themed burlesque show at Lavo.

Stars including Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand were dancing on tables after dinner. Some were clothed in flapper headbands taken from the burlesque dancers. The wild men were handed musical instruments (tambourines and maracas) to enjoy.

They left around 1 a.m., inviting a few ladies onto the Manchester United team bus, and two of them went for a ride. The night wasn't done. The team bus hit a Manhattan rooftop bar, where players boozed it up with champagne, vodka and scotch, partying with a group of models.

Manchester's soccer heros stayed out until 4 a.m., getting back on the team bus again, this time without the girls.

A team spokesman defended the disorderly deeds, saying Man U had the day off and the entire restaurant was dancing on tables, not just Giggs and none of the players actually invited girls onto the bus. Two ladies did get on the bus, but they were friends of the Lavo staff and one was married with her husband.

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