Sheldon Bailey never reached his dreams of playing in the NBA, but he's picked up a few pretty cool consolation prizes. A 6-6, 225-pound forward who called Amar'e Stoudemire and Jarrett Jack teammates went to Winthrop and Florida International University before a brief career overseas.

Since hanging up the sneakers, Bailey has been the on-set double in 12 national and international commercials for LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard.

And now, Sheldon has been named head coach of the Lingerie Basketball League's LA Beauties. Not bad work if you can get it.

Over the years, Bailey has been part of seven commercials for LeBron as an extra and stunt double. He was asked by Dime Magazine what life's like on set for King James. "Before the shoot, I stand in so they can get all the camera angles right," he said. "That way everything is prepared so when LeBron comes to the set he just steps right in. His time is at a premium. There are also different things that may be too dangerous for him to do, or extra things he doesn't have to do like dunks or ball-handling."

Bailey spent nine hours getting fake tattoos matching LeBron's before his first commercial shoot. He's also been a stand-in for Kobe Bryant's Guitar Hero commercial and a Dwight Howard Adidas ad.

In addition to coaching and acting, Bailey also has had time to author "180 Degrees: A Book Of Poems."

The "Lingerie Basketball League," is beginning its inaugural season in Southern California this weekend. The four-team league features teams nicknamed Divas, Glam and Starlets in addition to Beauties.

The league will use the same rules as traditional women's basketball, with a few tweaks. The Red Light Special gives a player a 60-second opportunity to score a bonus point.

Coach Bailey's LA Beauties open up the league with a matchup against the LA Divas in the first regular season Lingerie Basketball League game to be played at Montclair Prep, a high school in Van Nuys. Teams will play each Friday night and the events are all doubleheaders.

Ticket prices for a single game are $20, with $30 for the doubleheader.

Without the NBA's help the WNBA would have gone out of business long ago, as most of the teams lose money each season. Smart money says you won't be seeing the Lingerie Basketball League around long.

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