Depending how you look at things, bookies either became much smarter in May or half-witted sports bettors were out to lunch.

Las Vegas sports books saw a stunning 511.7 percent jump in winnings for the month of May, part of Las Vegas Strip casinos' biggest increase since February 2010.

Much of the extra profits can be credited to the Los Angeles Lakers' early exit from the playoffs at the hands of the world champion Mavericks. Kobe Bryant's team is always a popular wager with the public.

Sports books can thank the National Basketball Association and most likely LeBron James and the Miami Heat for the extra cash.

With extra media attention placed on the Heatles, as LeBron called his team, the wise guys laying odds saw an amazing 848 percent increase in basketball betting during the NBA playoffs in the month, Las Vegas Inc. reports.

Last May, while LeBron was still in Cleveland, Vegas casinos lost $280,000 on pro basketball in the month.

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