Kris Humphries convinced Kim Kardashian to get married, so impressing her every day isn't necessary anymore.

The Nets player proved that by taking his reality star fiance shopping at a Minnesota Costco to stock up for a family cookout.

The son of a former football player at the University of Minnesota, Humphries spent the Fourth of July with family in the Twin Cities.

The couple, engaged in May, procured all the necessary items in their cart, such as chips, potato salad, baked beans, soda etc.

Humphries admitted just one minor issue, he wasn't sure how to shop for watermelon! The Star Tribune reports the 6-9 basketball player asked the 5-3 Kardashian how to tell which melon was ripe, but she, as you would expect, had no clue.

Fortunately an unfamiliar Costco shopper overheard the conversation, stepping into give fruit advice and save the day!

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