Justin Timberlake has done lots of interesting things during his Hollywood career. Not sure he's ever worn a skirt before.

The six-time Grammy Award winner did just that in a video that has started to go viral on the web.

Timberlake, a huge sports fan, will present the inaugural Capital One Cup, handed out for excellence in college athletics at Wednesday night's ESPYs.

In this entertaining parody video, the iconic 1990s N'Sync lead singer runs suicide drills with the women's basketball team, wears a skirt while playing girls lacrosse, "attempts" to run track and field and more.

Hundreds of schools across the nation compete in 26 different sports to win the Capital One Cup which symbolizes strength, perseverance and vision.

Timberlake learns all about these things as he tries his hand at most of the 26 sports.

Justin also has wardrobe issues while attempting to climb up for a dive.

He sure looks uncool in the vid, but as anyone who's seen The Social Network knows, JT's geek chic is all an act.

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