Justin Bieber is the king of teen idols, but don't you dare accuse him of being a Knicks fan.

Amar'e Stoudemire ran into Bieber at a party in Los Angeles last week, the New York Post reports, and he asked Biebs if he was a basketball fan.

Stoudemire apparently missed Bieber's Celebrity All-Star Game MVP performance.

After acknowledging he was a hoops lover, Beiber was asked by the New York power forward if he was a fan of the Knicks.

Bieber informed Stoudemire while he had "respect" for New York, nope he wasn't a Knicks fan. Instead Bieber's basketball loyalties lie with the Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers.'

Growing up just 96 miles from downtown Toronto in Stratford, Ontario, Bieber never mentioned the Raptors. As a kid, Bieber was a hockey, soccer and chess fan.

The Post reports Stoudemire invited Bieber to catch a Knicks-Lakers game next season.

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