As long as you sell tickets and move merchandise, you can pretty much get away with murder. The moment that stops, you're asking for trouble if you're a pro athlete.

Gilbert Arenas took to Twitter on Thursday night claiming that's the reason the world found out about his old western style quick draw in the Wizards locker room.

"everyone knows about my troubles last yr..the only reason u do know about it is becuz my money making days were up…," Arenas now with the Magic tweeted.

He continued, "as long as ur making sumbody lots of money they will let u do what ever u want..when ur time is up they will expose u to the world."

Arenas, with over 46,500 followers, claimed that if fans hear about negative things that happen in the locker room, it's because someone in management wants it leaked.

This is a popular tactic used by a number of professional teams. It's hard to trade a fan favorite, but if enough negative stories are leaked, suddenly the tide of public opinion changes.

Manny Ramirez is a perfect example. He helped the Red Sox end the "Curse of the Bambino," winning the World Series for the first time since 1918. When Boston management had enough of his act, wanting to trade him, it leaked a number of negative stories, including his shoving of an elderly traveling secretary. Suddenly Red Sox Nation was okay with dumping a Fenway legend.

Arenas, known as (@agentzeroshow) on Twitter, admitted it's his fault for bringing the guns into the Wizards locker room, but says there have been "full blown paint ball shoot outs in locker room."

If you believe this was an isolated incident of guns in locker rooms, think again. Arenas opened up a can of worms when he tweeted he's seen similar situations "over a dozen times" since he's been in the NBA.

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