The good times continue for All-Star Brian Wilson, whose success off the field has been as impressive as his work on it.

Wilson, 6-1, 2.88 ERA and 24 saves entering Thursday, has been a marketing machine.

That continues next week when the Giants closer known for his cartoon style beard is the focus of Showtime's newest program. "The Franchise: A Season with the San Francisco Giants"

Major League Baseball dreams that the documentary style show will have a similar impact as HBO's NFL hit "Hard Knocks."

While Rex Ryan, Tony Siragusa and others have become bigger stars from "Hard Knocks," USA Today reports that Showtime is showcasing the whacky personality of Wilson.

'The Franchise' debuts with a one-hour episode. Seven half-hour shows will follow on Showtime every Wednesday through the end of August.

Look forward to seeing Wilson's meltdown in the Tigers dugout on the show.

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