Half of the most unethical trade in Major League Baseball history is looking forward to seeing his life story on the big screen.

Fritz Peterson, famous for trading his wife with Yankees teammate Mike Kekich in the wild 1970s, is excited about star Ben Affleck making a film about the deal, he's even more excited about which women will be in the film.

"I'm sure it's gonna happen,” Peterson told the Boston Herald. "And I hope it's sooner rather than later because I’m really anxious to see who will play my wife.”

Kekich isn't so excited, he reportedly has no plans to help Warner Bros. make the flick. Peterson says thats not a problem.

"He won't be able to hold it up," he said. "It's almost all public information anyway. That's why I signed on, I thought if they’re going to do this, they may as well get it right."

Matt Damon, a Red Sox fan like Peterson, is rumored to be in line to play Kekich in the film which is "under development."

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