For eight seasons, the characters Drama and Turtle have been a key part of the HBO hit show "Entourage," but did you know both characters were raised on old-school video games?

Actors Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Dillon tell Digital Trends they have always had a love affair with games. Dillon says he goes back to some classics. "I'm an old guy so I started out playing Pong with my brothers, and Mario Bros. and whatnot," he told the online tech lifestyle pub. "But we really got involved and got intense when Tecmo Super Bowl came out. That's when we really started playing ... I mean, we still to do this day every time I go back to my Mom's for Christmas and whatnot, we'll fire up some video games and start battling it out."

Ferrara, on the other hand, was a boxing video game fan. At age 31, he still remembers a key code. "I was a big Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out guy," he says. "I still remember the code to get up to Mike Tyson -- 0073735963. So it started there, and then obviously it's evolved to this crazy place of multiplayer and Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. So now there's just competition everywhere."

When shooting a TV series, actors have lots of down time, so Dillon explains how they filled it: "We did quite a bit of gaming. We played a lot of those war games, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty, in the trailers in between scenes. Call of Duty we kind of played with each other. You get to hunt each other down, too, though. But next season we'll be doing Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Because this we can really battle on."

Dillon and Ferrara both appeared as their "Entourage" personalities in a series of ads for the video game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. In the commercials, the actors play valets during the day, and racers (Turtle) and interceptors (Drama) when the sun goes down.

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