In the latest example of microblogging gone mad, the guy famous for giving back Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit ball is getting a gift from a college basketball legend.

Christian Lopez we think joined Twitter yesterday under the handle (@CLopezNYYFan).

The highlight of his first day was an exchange with ESPN's Dick Vitale.

Lopez, or someone pretending to be the husky Yanks fan, sent a message to @DickieV. "wow dickie v big fan im the guy who caught jeter's ball hope your a fan of me lol."

Normally Vitale, 72, with 155,872 doesn't interact much with his fans on Twitter, but not only did he respond to Lopez, he offered him a gift!

@CLopezNYYFan U r my kind of guy - I want to send u gift - U r a rare dude & u will be rewarded 4 ur KINDNESS call 941 ***-**** with address!

We blocked the number out, but it's to the "Broken Egg," restaurant in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Vitale, when not traveling for work, has breakfast every morning at the Broken Egg. He's such a regular that they sell his bobblehead and book in the gift shop.

Christian's Twitter profile stated, "The Humbeled man who caught derek Jeter's 3,000 hit never for-get that day . ''July, 9th, 2011'' Go Yankees"

Lopez had 311 followers as of this morning, not a bad start, but 703 percent behind the @FakeJeter accounts 2,500 followers.

The real Derek Jeter is too famous to share his thoughts with the unwashed Yankee fan.

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