It was a viral Internet story last May, but Delonte West says despite what you might have heard and read, he didn't have sex with then Cavs teammate LeBron James' mother.

Delonte, now of the Boston Celtics, has gone on the record for the first time about the nasty rumors.

LeBron, who's stayed away from publicly commenting on the gossip about his mom, did have his legal team send a cease and desist email to the sports blog, right after the story was "reported."

The story has died down some since James took his talents to South Beach.

Former NBA star Calvin Murphy said "it's absolutely true," on his radio show around the time the rumors started.

World Star Hip Hop caught up with the man himself, Delonte West and he used the religion card in his defense.

It should be noted that West appeared to be at a party, had a woman next to him, and didn't seem like he was 100 percent together.

Here is a transcript of the interview, it starts 28 seconds in and is not safe for work, lots of dirty words:

Delonte West Interview Transcript
World Star Hip Hop: Hey you sleeping with LeBron's mom.
Delonte West: "No"
WSHH: You ain't sleeping with LeBron's mom? DW: "Nah man."
WSHH: Would you do that?
DW: "Nah."
WSHH: Because why?
DW: "Because i'm a Christian man brother."
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