The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown is set to receive a very special honor thanks to Congress.

The House of Representatives picks a pair of organizations every year for the special commemorative coin program. This year baseball's holy land was the big winner. The U.S. Mint will issue gold and silver coins, legal tender, but not intended to be used.

Congress, with bipartisan support, picked Cooperstown to help celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2014.

The Washington Post reports coins will be produced in three versions: 400,000 silver coins which will sell for $50 each, 50,000 gold with a retail price of about $1,600, and an inexpensive version ($10-$15) made of base metals.

With the economy in the toilet, the good news is no tax money will be used by law. The coins are made to order, thus covered by those buying them.

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