Following a basketball career that produced many great memories and 36 orthopedic surgeries, Bill Walton is probably the last guy you would think of a making 100-mile bicycle ride. Think again!

Walton, the Hall of Fame legend of the 1970s, did just that on a recent trip to his old stomping grounds in the Pacific Northwest. The member of the Trail Blazers' 1977 NBA championship team was in Portland for a speaking gig and according to Bike Portland wanted an adventure.

The only player to have ever won an NBA Finals MVP, Sixth Man Award and regular-season MVP had his No. 32 retired by the Blazers in 1989.

Walton's 100-mile bike trip was just a warm-up act. He then traveled to the Oregon coast by himself, with his wife trailing in a sag car.

"He can hardly walk, but can ride like crazy," Jeff Bernards, bike ride planning expert, told Bike Portland after a long ride in the Gorge with Walton.

The UCLA product completed the long trip in an amazing 10 hours.

It's believed Walton, despite his 6-11 build was riding 15 to 18 mph constantly on the expedition.

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