Barry Bonds hasn't played a Major League Baseball game since September 2007, but the all-time steroid era home run king has become a fan of another sport.

Bonds told paparazzi, outside the trendy BOA Steakhouse in Hollywood, he's become a fan of cycling.

"I'm into the Tour de France right now," Bonds told X17Online.

The former San Francisco Giants slugger, winner of seven National League MVP awards, with 762 career homers was asked who his favorite cycling teams are.

"I like leopard track and I have HTC," Bonds said. "My buddy he has Garmin and Sky. So it looks like I'm gonna be in the lead."

Bonds, 46, was asked his thoughts on the new NBA trend of "planking," but claimed he had never heard of it. Bonds also said while he owns a 60-inch TV, he doesn't really watch it.

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