When you think of great inventions in recent mankind, computer and smartphone come to mind, but have you heard about the new tattoo breakthrough?

An ink shop in Paris, France gave the planet its first animated tattoo, streamed live on Facebook.

With over 70 percent of NBA players sporting tattoos, the pro basketball potential for this new invention is endless.

The Post Chronicle points out, while the tattoo isn't actually animated itself -- you'll need the assistance of your smartphone -- it's moving in that direction.

The body art features a two-dimensional bar code inked on this guinea pigs chest, once scanned by a smartphone you'll be able to watch the cartoon.

DeShawn Stevenson, Marquis Daniels and Kenyon Martin are probably drooling over the cross-marketing opportunities.

Ron Artest (name for now), can have a bar code on his arm to promote World Peace (his new name).

The bar code tattoo is a pure novelty at this point. But technology improves rapidly these days, and the smart money says it won't be long before an NBA player gets barcoded.

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