These feathered friends are making some enemies.

The Giants are creatively trying to put a stop to a seagull uprising at AT&T Park. The world champs have long gotten help from the birds scavenging leftover hot dogs, garlic fries and other discarded food rubbish after games.

But Jorge Costa, the Giants senior VP of ballpark operations, says this season has been different. The bird population has exploded and these winged warriors are no longer interested in waiting for the 27th out before having dinner.

"This year we're seeing larger numbers of the seagulls, and sometimes they've not been stationary," Costa told the AP's Janie McCauley. "There have been a couple of games this year when they've started swirling around while the game's still going on. It's not pleasant if they're dropping things and they're sitting there (with fans)."

Being in the animal-friendly Bay Area, the Giants have to walk very gently and humanely around this issue.

"The gulls are more like your guests," Costa said. "They see a food source and opportunity. They're transient. There's a window of time they're around: they see it, they hear it, they smell it. Most of the time they're up on the roof of the building, on the glove (in left field), on the light towers. When people leave, they come down."

The AP reports the Giants are weighing whether to add a ballpark falcon to assist in keeping the seagulls at bay.

Wingmaster Falconny Inc., is a company the Giants have spoken with about adding a security officer style Falcon to help restore order. Much like on your favorite animal reality show, the gulls will eventually sense when the falcons are at the ballpark, and they will head to the safety of McCovey Cove. Or at least that's the plan.

But it costs money to bring in a nesting falcon, so the champs will likely end up waiting untill next year -- unless these seagulls continue to be angry birds.

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