The Mavericks took down the big three, completing a franchise's long, winding road to a championship. It's nearly good enough to be made into a movie.

But who would play each guy in the film? Look no further than NBA Doppelgangers to find the answer.

Mark Cuban = Joaquin Phoenix

An excessively rich man who plays by no one else's rules and says whatever he wants, simultaneously infuriating and amusing his audience? Easiest role of Phoenix's career.

Dirk Nowitzki = Barry Pepper

Not sure about this one. Pepper with long flowing locks? Hard to imagine. It'd be worth ponying up the cash to get Moses to play the German version of himself.

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Steve Nash = Liam Gallagher

The story wouldn't be complete without Nash. The funny thing is Nash is a million times more tolerable than Gallagher, who will no doubt be challenged playing an understated, team-player role.

Jason Terry = Mike Epps

Could not be more different. Therefore, could not be more perfect.

JJ Barea = Courtney Gains (Hans Klopek)

Does Barea seem like a closet serial killer? Wait, don't answer that.

DeShawn Stevenson = Mr. Peanut

Because we need to see Stevenson with a top hat.

Peja Stojakovic = David Schwimmer

Because both of their careers could use a boost.

Chris Bosh = Velociraptor

No words.

Caron Butler = Pharrell Williams

"Pharrell, we need you to wear stylish suits, look cooler than anyone else on the bench and get super pumped up after big plays." Done.

Rick Carlisle = Jim Carrey

It's not even funny anymore. It's just obvious and the only way to go.

Mike Bibby = Verne Troyer

Excellent fit. The one guy on the court no one notices, but then pops up at random points and everyone goes, "Wait a minute, that guy's in this movie, too?” Height difference is negligible.

Noticeably absent? Arch villains Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and mastermind Pat Riley. Who do you think fills out the cast?