For the first time in history, world peace has a voice.

Ron Artest gave his first public comments since starting the legal process to change his name to "Metta World Peace."

The Lakers star told the New York Post, "It's all about positive energy." He explained, "I'm just trying to make a difference, get positive energy out there."

Clearly Artest has spent too much time with his shrink or that Southern California lifestyle is getting to him.

The former St. John's forward didn't dig to deep in coming up with the new name, saying "Peace" was one of the word that popped into his head. Artest was attempting to be imaginative with the wild handle. His new first name "Metta" is an ancient Buddhist virtue for kindness.

It's one thing to finally have World Peace in the Lakers locker room, but imagine if Metta signed with a team in the Middle East. Sadly that's about the only way we see peace in that region of the globe anytime soon.

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