Roger Staubach might not have led the Cowboys to their first Super Bowl win had it not been for of all things bowling.

The Hall of Famer was the keynote speaker to more than 5,000 executives at the 2011 International Bowl Expo.

Staubauch, who led the Cowboys to nine of a record-setting 20 consecutive winning seasons, said bowling had a big role in his life.

The Heisman Trophy winner fondly remembers watching his dad participate in bowling leagues. Staubauch says rolling a ball down a lane also had a positive impact on his love life, as he showed off rolling a score of 213 on a high school bowling date with a young lady who would later become his wife.

Staubauch, speaking in Grapevine, Texas, said he has a "tremendous respect for the thousands of bowling proprietors across the country." He praised the industry for continuing to keep "bowling fresh, relevant and the nation's number one participatory sport."

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