Larry David is a big pro basketball fan, you can see him court side regularly at Lakers games. So what was he doing at dinner with a rival NBA coach?

The Boston Herald reports David, the star of HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" had dinner with Celtics coach Doc Rivers at Towne.

While its unknown what the two ate, the Boston restaurants menu includes "buttermilk fried lpswich clams," and "kousa .. lebanese stuffed small zucchini."

Rivers doesn't have much acting on his IMDB resume, he did play himself (with Atlanta Hawks), in the forgetful 1996 film "Eddie." Whoopi Goldberg starred as a New York limo driver who won a PR gimmick to coach her beloved Knicks.

The film had cameos from loads of 90's NBA stars including Spud Webb, Nick Van Exel, Vlade Divac, Dennis Rodman and future NBA coaches Avery Johnson and Vinny Del Negro.

Despite terrible reviews and shaky acting the film had to be considered a financial success, grossing $31,387,164 in the U.S.

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