Two titans of Super Bowl commercials are coming together again for a spot in this season's big game.

GoDaddy announced it will be partnering with Danica Patrick for a spot in the Feb. 1 game. This is Patrick's 14th Super Bowl commercial since 2007, which is a record for any celebrity. Making the feat all the more impressive is that Patrick hasn't found much success in her professional career during that span.

With Patrick's help, GoDaddy made a name for itself with racy Super Bowl spots like the one below:

Patrick narrated one of GoDaddy's more memorable ad, a 2013 spot in which supermodel Bar Rafaeli made out with a nerdy character named Walter:

Last year GoDaddy promised to stop the sleaze, and opted for a beefed-up Patrick running alongside other bodybuilders.

This year Patrick may not even be the star of the spot, as it will also include a puppy.

"I'm pretty sure this little GoDaddy puppy is going to steal the show," Patrick said in a statement.

It's not hard to see why GoDaddy opted for a puppy to star alongside Patrick. In addition to being inherently adorable, puppies also got a big boost last year when Budweiser's "Puppy Love" spot was praised as one of the big game's best.

As if Patrick and a puppy weren't enough, GoDaddy CMO Barb Rechterman said the commercial will also include a significant twist.

"People love cute little puppies in Super Bowl commercials, right?" Rechterman said in a statement. "The power of our next Super Bowl ad is how it pivots from what you think is a traditional 'Hallmark' style commercial into something unexpected, while highlighting how our products help a small business owner drive their business online."

This will be the 11th consecutive year GoDaddy has a Super Bowl spot. Thanks in no small part to the publicity it has garnered, the internet domain registrar and web hosting service went from a no-name brand to a company earning revenue of around $1 billion.

GoDaddy is a primary sponsor of Patrick and responsible for much of her $8 million yearly endorsement figure. All told Patrick earns about $15 million per year, making her the world's fifth highest paid female athlete.

Polarizing as he is, Richard Sherman is an intelligent, Stanford-educated man. And he's had it with the NFL's double standards.

After his teammate Marshawn Lynch was fined $100,000 for refusing to talk to the media after Seahawks games, Sherman decided to take action -- smartly, of course. On Tuesday, he dragged a cardboard cutout of teammate Doug Baldwin to the podium for a Q&A session with reporters.

Sherman took the first question as an opportunity to bring up Lynch and attack the NFL in a not-so-subtle way, bringing to light the double standards to which the league holds its players.

He also brought up Beats By Dre, the maker of audio equipment that pays Sherman to endorse its products. But due to an NFL sponsorship with Bose, players are prohibited from wearing non-Bose gear to games.

"The league doesn't let me say anything about [Beats By Dre]. Why is that?" Sherman asked reporters. "That seems a little hypocritical. It seems like we're in a league where they say 'players you don’t endorse any alcohol. Please don’t endorse alcohol, please no DUIs', but a beer sponsor is their biggest sponsor."

That's just one of the subjects Sherman addresses:

Not long after, Sherman received support from at least one player via Twitter:

You know it's bad when a 49er is backing a Seahawk.

Sony, a major sponsor of FIFA and the World Cup, has elected not to renew its contract with soccer's governing organization. The contract will run out at the end of the calendar year.

The announcement represents yet another PR blow for FIFA as it tries to recover from allegations of bribery and fraud in its World Cup bidding process. This one, however, also carries significant financial implications. Sony was one of six official partners of FIFA and was at the end of an eight-year sponsorship deal worth $280 million.

Sony's move follows a similar announcement by the Emirate Airlines, which announced earlier this month that it would end its own sponsorship.

In announcing the decision, Sony cited FIFA's ongoing ethical inquiries as well as the tech company's own internal restructuring as its motivation to let the sponsorship run out.

Sony had been a prominent voice this summer in asking FIFA to conduct a full review of its corruption allegations. FIFA's ensuing attempt to cover up the full extent of the report's negative findings no doubt played in to Sony's decision.

While FIFA refuses to consider moving the 2022 World Cup from Qatar, where related construction projects are being driven by slave labor, the organization is facing some of the most genuine threats in recent memory. In addition to the lost sponsorship funds, a number of countries are prepared to consider boycotting the 2022 World Cup unless significant changes -- including new leadership within the organization -- are made.

But so far, FIFA has given no hint it will accommodate those interests.

To be in the presence of Tim Tebow is one thing. To be acknowledged by Tim Tebow -- that's a whole 'nother thing.

To be given cake by Tim Tebow himself? That carries a whole tsunami of emotions.

Such a tsunami was evident in one lucky woman over the weekend, who was one of many flocking to the SEC Network's broadcasting location in Knoxville, Tennessee, on Saturday. Tebow, who now works for the network, was a major draw for many fans, a large percentage of which appear to be female.

And Tebow, who's still riding the adrenaline high of being named one of People Magazine's "Sexiest Men Alive," thought to flex his good-natured charisma in the form of free cake handouts. But as he handed a plated slice to one fan, it was apparent the moment carried a heavy emotional weight:

Good on Tebow for being so gracious and offering a hug the woman wanted -- nay, a hug the woman needed.

And for his next act, Tim will be feeding 8,000 fans with a single Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake.

Compare Tebow's effect on this female fan to reactions generated by the Beatles and Elvis:



The catch that inspired countless memes, a tweet from LeBron James and a huge spike in jersey sales was years in the making.

It turns out Odell Beckham Jr.'s spectacular touchdown grab during his team's loss to the Cowboys on Sunday night wasn't simply a random occurrence, rather it was the result of years of practice. In fact, before a game earlier this year against the Indianapolis Colts, cameras caught Beckham Jr. practicing his one-handed grabs:

Going back to his college days at LSU, Beckham had a remarkable feel for the football. In a game against Georgia he caught a kickoff with just one hand:

He pulled the same trick during a game against UAB:

In the 2014 Outback Bowl, Beckham made this spectacular one-handed catch:

Beckham said he and former LSU teammate Jarvis Landry, who is now a wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, would compete during their college days to see who could make the most impressive one-handed snare:

"Catching the ball with one hand is something you just have to practice, because the opportunity sometimes presents itself and you want to be prepared," Beckham told ESPN New York earlier this year. "Jarvis Landry and I would do that every day in practice. We would see who could make the most ridiculous catch. He has some of the best hands I've been around, hands down."

Beckham, whose father is a former LSU running back, credited his mom, an All-American track star, with his large hands:

"I guess I've got to thank my mom for the long fingers," said Beckham, who wears a size 3XL glove. "Her hands are maybe a half-inch shorter than mine. I know I felt [the ball] it in those two fingers and I tried my best to pull it in."

Beckham's hands measured 10 inches long at the 2014 NFL combine, which were the fifth largest out of 48 receivers in attendance. But given Beckham's size (5-foot-11), that's even more impressive. Beckham's mitts are larger than those of 6-foot-4 Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans (9 and 5/8 inches).

After his two-touchdown performance against the Cowboys, Beckham now has five scores through seven games. He's caught 41 passes for 609 yards and an average of 15 yards-per-reception.

Since the seats at Buffalo's Ralph Wilson Stadium remain under several feet of snow, the NFL is giving fans free seats in a different stadium.

The only catch: those seats are located a few hundred miles west.

Since the Buffalo Bills-New York Jets game originally scheduled for Sunday can't be played in the Bills' home stadium, the NFL has moved the game to Ford Field in Detroit.

That hardly qualifies as a home game for the Bills, but the NFL is doing everything it can to create a warm environment for Buffalo.

First, the free tickets -- which are all general admission -- will be made available to Bills season-ticket holders and anyone who had tickets for the original game. Tickets will also be made available to Detroit Lions season-ticket holders.

Tickets won't be made available to Jets season-ticket holders, since the game is technically a home game for the Bills.

Tickets for the general public have been available since Saturday at

Any leftover tickets will be available at the Ford Field box office.

Maybe it won't feel like a true home game for Buffalo. But when home is covered in almost six feet of snow, home maybe isn't the best place to be.

Firings are delivered in all types of forms. One method you don't see often is the "tell everyone except the people getting fired" trick.

Unfortunately, that's reality for the employees of Chicago's The Game 87.7 FM. The radio station's owners have decided to close the outlet and confirmed the move to media reporter Robert Feder.

Hosts Ben Finfer and Alex Quigley were in the middle of their talk show "Quigs and Finfer" on Thursday when they discovered the news via Feder's Twitter post.

"We’re doing a live show here," Finfer said. "And to be told this way, it’s really a letdown. We're getting screwed on this one.

"We didn’t know anything about it. We were coming back from a break and saw on Twitter from Robert Feder that the station is being taken off the air. Can you believe that? A lot of really talented people were hired to work at this station and found out through Twitter that they were fired. Nothing from the bosses."

The update anchor for "Quigs and Finfer," Julie DiCaro, made her own ambiguous post to Twitter that seems to be taking a jab at the story's reporter.

The station will officially close at the end of the year.

Michael Sam reveals a number of dark details about his upbringing in a new interview with GQ. The seventh-round pick from this year's NFL draft reveals that football was a refuge from going home to his two older brothers, whom he describes as "evil people."

Sam also talks about his decision to come out before the NFL draft, and how his awareness of rumors pushed him to make the announcement when he did.

"If I had it my way, I never would have done it the way I did, never would have told it the way I did," Sam says to GQ’s Andrew Corsello. "But the recruiters knew, and reporters knew, and they talked to each other, and it got out.

"But I have no regrets."

Sam reveals how his relationship with football didn't start out as one of romance. When he first started playing, sports served as an escape -- time he could spend out of the house and away from two dangerous older brothers.

"Most of the time, that was scary. I tried to stay away as much as possible," Sam says, explaining how he was regularly beat up. "We called the cops on my brothers so many times I can't even count. Not only for hurting me. They'd abuse my sisters. Verbally abuse my mom. My brothers were evil people."

Sam said his brothers have recently written him letters from prison, but that he has no relationship with them. He told GQ he was offended that they refer to themselves as his brothers.

Sam is currently unattached to an NFL team after the Dallas Cowboys cut him from their practice squad earlier this year. But the former Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year at Missouri sounds resolved to prove himself -- and is comfortable with his current circumstances.

"It looks good to see me in the position I’m in now, because I can show the world how good I am and rise up the ranks," Sam says. "I’m at the bottom now. I can rise up, show I’m a football player. Not anything else. Just a football player."

The latest issue of GQ hits newsstands nationwide on Nov. 25.

A well-known bidding scandal, a brutal ethics report, and even human rights violations failed to convince FIFA to change its course on giving the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.

With the organization acting in bold defiance of so many voices in and out of the sport, some European teams may make their own bold stance: Boycotting the World Cup altogether.

England's former chairman has already called for his country to withdraw from the next World Cup.

Such a move would be extreme, but FIFA's recent actions are causing member of Europe's football association to lose their patience with soccer's governing body -- so much that they might be willing to take on financial losses by not playing in the World Cup, according to The Telegraph.

The ultimate goal of such a move would be to challenge the authority of FIFA altogether, possibly in pursuit of a radical change in how soccer of governed around the world.

There's no chance that all 54 members of the Football Association would decide to withdraw from the World Cup, and the organization would never force countries to make a decision one way or the other.

But if even a minority of countries opted out of the 2018 World Cup, which will be held in Russia, it could represent a financial and public relations nightmare that might force FIFA to change.

Such changes would include releasing the full ethics report on the organization, electing a new president to replace Sepp Blatter, and making various reforms, including the possible relocation of the 2022 World Cup away from Qatar.

A decision could come in the next few weeks when representatives convene in Frankfurt to discuss their stance and strategy going forward. At the moment, no course of action is beyond consideration.

That's how desperate organizations are to get out from under FIFA's oppressive thumb.

Either Greg Oden is determined to make yet another NBA comeback or the oft-injured 7-footer has a dark sense of humor.

Oden, the No. 1 pick of the 2007 NBA draft, was spotted at his alma mater Ohio State's basketball game against Marquette on Tuesday. Oden, who suffered chronic knee problems before making a comeback with the Miami Heat last season, was wearing a shirt that could be interpreted one of two ways:

Perhaps Oden, only 26, is determined to catch on with another NBA team. He stayed healthy, albeit in limited playing time in 23 games, during his stay in Miami. Oden's latest setback is legal, as he has been charged with battery resulting in serious bodily injury and two misdemeanor battery counts after reportedly punching his girlfriend in the face. Oden has pled not guilty to the charges.

Or, maybe Oden was just going for a laugh at his own expense. Despite his enormous potential, he only played in 82 total games for the Trail Blazers. He's considered one of the biggest NBA draft busts of all time. Plus, he's been known to wear humorous shirts in less-than-funny situations.

Twitter were quick to point out the irony in Oden's shirt:

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