Most basketball fans know that Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant were not the best of friends. Even in the course of winning three NBA championships together with the Los Angeles Lakers, the two were not strangers to jabbing one another in the media and struggling to co-exist as teammates.

But as a new oral history compiled by Bleacher Report's Ric Bucher reveals, Shaq and Kobe weren't just tumultuous -- they were at times explosive, even to the point of violent threats. This relationship helped pave the way for Shaq's exit after the 2004 season, when he joined the Miami Heat.

Lakers PR man John Black said in the oral history that the two worked well together on the court, rarely having problems. Off the court, however, they were oil and vinegar -- always at risk of boiling over.

Sometimes, that's exactly what happened.

"It didn't become confrontational more than two or three times over the eight years," said Black. "When Kobe gave the statement to [reporter] Jim Gray where he went off calling Shaq fat and lazy, that was one of the times. There was one really bad one, early on. [Lakers teammate] Brian Shaw had to pull them apart. Shaq threatened to murder Kobe."

Shaq also said in that oral history that, despite his struggles with Kobe, he would have stayed with the Lakers forever if not for then-teammate Karl Malone's career-ending injury.

That doesn't mean that he and Kobe could have dominated the NBA for a solid decade, though. Kobe said that things were bad enough that he was determined to split from O'Neal -- even if doing so meant leaving the Lakers.

"Things he had said, criticism from the media in saying I can't win without him. Look, I put that individual s--t aside to win championships and now I'm getting criticized for it," Kobe said. "Now I'm going to show you f--ks what I can do on my own.

"So that challenge, I was going to answer that challenge no matter what—whether I was going to stay in L.A. or go somewhere else, I was going to answer that challenge."

LeBron James was justifiably exhausted after leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 114-111 overtime victory over the Atlanta Hawks in Game 3 of the teams' Eastern Conference Finals series.

James put in 47 minutes and tallied 37 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists. After the Hawks failed to score on their last possession of the game, James took a few steps toward Cleveland's bench and dropped to his knees. The normally indefatigable Cavs star was showing just how worn out he was.

Here's how the scene played out on TV:

Within minutes, images of James kneeling on the court were made into memes.

And here it is, set to music:

It's not hard to see why James was so tired. As he tries to make his fifth straight NBA Finals appearance, the 30-year-old has averaged 41.6 minutes-per-game in the postseason. He leads all players with 25 shots-per-game and is third (behind Anthony Davis and Stephen Curry) with an average of 28 points-per-game.

James and the Cavaliers will try to complete the sweep of the top-seeded Hawks on Tuesday.

Paul and Kellie Goodrow believe that Tom Brady is being held prisoner by the NFL. Now, they're taking a stand against the league in the best way they know how.

They're refusing to go on their own honeymoon.

If you're confused by the Goodrow's strategy here, don't be: Calling it half-baked would be a compliment. Still, the couple is holding strong and have postponed their honeymoon to Bermuda until the NFL's suspension of Brady is lifted.

The couple, who were married earlier this month, attended a "Free Tom Brady" rally held Sunday in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

"Til' Brady is back on the field, that's the way it is," Paul Goodrow said. "I've been a fan my whole life, since 1982. Actually, I have tattoos of Tom Brady on my body."

The irony of the situation is that, while the Goodrows abstain from their tropical vacation, Brady might take their place -- what else to do with four weeks of free time in September?

But the couple is comfortable with their decision, noting that the honeymoon isn't cancelled, just delayed. Meanwhile, they are able to show their full support for Brady and draw some attention to their cause.

"Our whole house is Patriots," he said. "It's like a man cave. It's like my wife doesn't even live there."

Sounds like a perfect start to their marriage.

Not merely an expert on basketball, Charles Barkley spent Sunday evening flexing his many diverse talents and areas of expertise. During the NBA on TNT broadcast, he offered his two cents on the debate over Stephen Curry's daughter and whether players should bring their children to playoff postgame press conferences.

"Reporters are there trying to do their job," Barkley said. "I don't think it’s a big deal but I would prefer they not bring their kids. Reporters are trying to do their job."

After the broadcast was over, Barkley once again found himself as the center of attention. A late-night Jenga match -- because those TV broadcasters know how to party -- put Barkley on the hot seat as the rest of the crew quietly watched:

The funniest part of that video isn't Barkley's expression or the sense that everyone seemed to know he was going to be the one to topple the tower. It's the fact that, for a game of Jenga, that's a pretty short tower. Elementary school kids everywhere are palm-facing themselves after seeing that poor display.

But back to business: Barkley did say several times that he didn't think it was a big deal for Stephen Curry to bring his daughter to the podium, so it doesn't seem like he has a strong opinion either way. He did say, though, that he never would have thought of bringing his daughter to a press conference -- although he played in a different era, where there wasn't a precedent for doing this sort of thing.

Meanwhile, Shaq had a more relaxed take on it, proving once again to be the Yin to Barkley's yang.

Said Shaq: "If that man want to bring his baby to the office, he can."

The Pittsburgh Pirates have glaze on their face thanks to an unsavory autocorrect that fans aren't ready to let go.

In advance of the team's promotional partnership with a local Dunkin' Donuts, the team posted to Instagram to spread the word about the upcoming offer. Fans going to this Dunkin' establishment during the promotion would be eligible to receive free Pirates tickets and doughnuts.

Presumably, the Pirates meant to say "a special Pirate donut." Instead, they offered "a sexual Pirate donut."

The team quickly took down the post and tried to scrub away any evidence of the sexual doughnuts offer, but the damage was done. Fans continued to post on social media asking where the sexual doughnuts had gone.

On a post promoting an upcoming "Jersey Day" event, one Instagram user wrote: "#fbf that time we were promised sexual donuts but all we got was this t-shirt."

A quick web search of the term "sexual doughnut" reveals that this is probably not the sort of term major brands want to associate with. The top result not related to the Pirates' current fiasco is a Slate article highlighting Cosmopolitan magazine's most infamous sex tip: Incorporating a real glazed doughnut as a sex toy.

You can read the full explanation of that tip here, if you aren't too shy. Outside of that bedroom innovation, the sexual doughnut is more fantasy than reality. Despite prior promises, the Pittsburgh Pirates want no hand in the matter.

His wife is worried about the big picture, but Dwyane Wade has an eye for detail. So when the pair was in the process of planning their wedding, Wade admits that he was very particular about what he wanted.

In an interview on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," Wade describes just how concerned he was with the minutiae of the big day. Most would categorize his degree of involvement as classic Groomzilla: Wade wound up wearing three different outfits in the course of the day, and he picked his own entrance music during his wedding ceremony.

Wade made it clear that he didn't see his wedding as a special day for only his wife, actress Gabrielle Union.

"So you know how they say the wedding is about the woman? No, no (shakes his head). It is about both of us," Wade says. "So I came out to my own song, had my own moment. I had three outfit changes. She had three outfit changes."

Wade insisted that he was so involved in the wedding because, after all, he was the one paying for it. But between his involvement in high fashion and his expensive taste, it's no stretch to think Wade merely wanted to put on a stylish, eye-popping wedding for all of his guests.

If a wedding really is his day as much as his wife's, then it makes sense his fingerprint would be so noticeable. I guess if you decide to marry Dwyane Wade, you shouldn't be surprised that he involves himself in all the wedding decisions.

As the new season of "The Bachelorette" got underway on ABC this week, Olympic hurdler/bobsledder Lolo Jones shared what her approach would be if she were the star of the show. Hint: It has something in common with her experience as a contestant on "Dancing With The Stars."

My audition tape for #TheBachelorette

A video posted by Lolo Jones (@lolojones) on

If you're missing a credit card from your wallet, you might want to check with Tsuyoshi Wada. The Chicago Cubs pitcher found one on the baseball field Wednesday night, and he doesn't know who it belongs to.

In this video from the Cubs-Padres game in San Diego, Wada is walking off the field after finishing the inning when something catches his eye. In a scene that would be normal anywhere but on a professional baseball field, he bends down and picks up the credit card.

Wada quickly brought it over to a security guard, but that's far from a mystery solved. Who, exactly, misplaces a credit card on the infield of an MLB park?

The best part of the sequence if the confused face Wada makes when he picks up the credit card and recognizes what it is. It's a far cry from the typical infield debris that typically gets blown or tossed from the stands. Although, if fans were going to pelt you with garbage, you'd probably rather it be credit cards than glass bottles.

Matt Joyce has learned his lesson.

The outfielder was benched and fined by the Angels on Monday for arriving late to the team's game against the Toronto Blue Jays. He admitted to reporters he thought the game was later in the day.

“It's just one of those things that should never happen," said Joyce, who has been in the majors since 2008. "As a guy that’s been around and had some service time, I made a mistake. I assumed we had a night game since it was a day game Sunday and assumed we had a night game Monday since we normally always do. By the time I realized it was a day game it was a little late."

As it turns out, the game on Monday started at 1:07 p.m., because it was Victoria Day in Canada

Joyce on Wednesday posted a screenshot of the six alarms he had set for himself, and he's not kidding around with his new punctuality policy.

The timing for these alarms is meant for a day game, but whatever Joyce did on Wednesday worked and he arrived on time to the Angels' evening matchup with the Blue Jays.

The incident only adds to what has been a disappointing season for Joyce. In his first year with the Angels, Joyce is hitting .155 with one home run, 11 RBI and 27 strikeouts.

The Chicago White Sox may want to rethink the photo on a door at U.S. Cellular Field.

The door in question features an image of White Sox southpaw John Danks. What's awkward about all of this is the placement of the handle, which you can see for yourself in the photo below:


It's in moments like these that Twitter can be especially entertaining:

Things aren't going great for the real John Danks, either. The 30-year-old is off to a 2-3 start to the 2015 season. He's given up 41 hits in 38.2 innings and has a 4.66 ERA for the fourth place White Sox.

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