Construction renovations to a German soccer stadium were briefly put on hold this week after an analysis of the nearby area discovered an undetonated bomb dating back to the World War II era.

The bomb, which weighs more than 500 pounds, was safely deactivated after the stadium was evacuated. It was discovered through an aerial analysis of the surrounding landscape, which pulls information from various sources to try locating potential bombs that have not yet detonated.

Crazy as it seems, bomb discoveries are very common in Dortmund and in other parts of Germany. The area was heavily attacked during World War II, and many bombs dropped simply didn't go off as planned. They remained buried in the rubble when cities were rebuilt.

That has brought unforeseen consequences: No one is sure where all the bombs are, but many are confident that further undetonated explosives are yet to be found. The city of Dortmund is well-acquainted with the threat of underground bombs. Last year, the discovery and subsequent deactivation of a bomb required 20,000 citizens to be relocated.

Officials said that the bomb was safely removed and did not interfere with any planned events at the stadium. At the same time, it's very possible there are other bombs in the stadium's vicinity that simply haven't been found yet. The city is careful about inspecting areas prior to construction work to make sure any underlying explosives are caught and properly handled.

It's no longer a question of "Is Rex Ryan committed to the Buffalo Bills?" Now, it's just a matter of "How far will he go to prove it?"

Continuing with his borderline obsessive offseason plan to commit himself fully to Buffalo football, Ryan has invested in a bumper-to-bumper paint job for his truck that is inspired by the Billsl. The truck is primarily blue, complemented by team colors and the Bills logo. The lower part of the truck is also painted to suggest it is caked with fresh snow.

Ryan has been adamant not only about winning in Buffalo, but also about bringing in a new culture. The coach said he wants to turn the team into a "bully" and bring back a winning attitude that has been mostly gone since the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the Bills reached four straight Super Bowls.

Apparently, Ryan's new truck design has been in the works for at least a few weeks. One reporter tweeted out that Ryan "showed me pictures of the design a few weeks ago."

It'll be interesting to see where he goes from here. Short of lifting a boombox over his head while shouting at the second-story bedroom window of sleeping Bills owner Terry Pegula, all to profess his devotion and love, Ryan will have a tough time topping his new paint job.

Despite promises that it would be cleaned up, the waters outside of Rio remain unsanitary just 18 months before the Summer Olympics are to take place. Now the city is admitting that promises it made to improve the water quality likely won't be kept.

As reported by USA Today, the bay where Olympic sailing is scheduled to take place remains a cesspool of human waste. Environmentalists monitoring the bay's condition are outraged at the lack of progress made by local authorities to improve the water quality ahead of the Olympics.

“There are parts of the bay where you are literally inside a latrine where hundreds of thousands of people defecate daily,” Mario Moscatelli, an independent biologist, told USA Today.

He also said that sewage is far from the only problem. Hospital waste, tires, electronic equipment and even dead bodies have been found in the water, worsening an already unsafe situation.

When Rio made its official bid to host the 2016 Olympics, officials had promised that the city's raw sewage flow into the bay would be reduced by 80 percent in time for the Olympics.

Now, officials are admitting that this won't come to fruition. But they are insistent that the International Olympics Committee will understand.

"Of course they will understand if we don't meet our target," said state governor Luiz Fernando Pezao, according to Reuters. "We are going to show them that we are making lots of investment in this area."

In other words, Pezao is hoping the IOC will give Rio an "A" for effort -- even though environmentalists have decried those exact efforts.

Rio has spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to correct the problem, but little progress has been made. Olympic sailors are also watching the situation closely and are concerned about the water's safety -- Reuters notes that when sailors toured the waters recently, they found floating animal carcasses and even a floating couch.

And that's not the only reason to be concerned for the safety of sailors. Biologists have identified in the bay a superbacteria that is resistant to antibiotics. The organism is being fed into the bay by a river, creating a serious risk that swimmers or other individuals entering the waters could contract a life-threatening infection.

But hey, they tried.

The offseason usually finds many baseball executives hard at work planning their rosters for the upcoming season. New York Mets GM Sandy Alderson is no exception, but he had an extra obligation to fit in: Jury duty.

As reported in The Wall Street Journal, Alderson was summoned for jury duty in downtown Manhattan earlier this month, less than two weeks before the team started spring training.

Alderson had on two previous occasions deferred because of professional obligations. This time, though, he arrived to perform his civic duty.

"I didn’t feel I was entitled to get out of it," Alderson told the WSJ. "I just happened to get put in the jury box and answered questions, and they didn’t challenge me for whatever reason. I had to be matter of fact as to what I did."

The WSJ notes that when Alderson was called up before the judge, he was asked a series of questions meant to gauge his ability to serve on the jury. When asked to provide his occupation, Alderson said he was the general manager of the New York Mets.

Two questions later, the judge asked him what he did during his free time.

"Well, now I’m looking for a shortstop," Alderson joked.

The GM said that after answering those questions, he didn't believe he would be picked. But he was -- as was his wife, who was also summoned that day.

Alderson wound up spending three days in court and said he found the experience very interesting. He was also happy to fulfill what he saw as a responsibility as a citizen.

And when the case was over, he hopped on a plane and flew down to Port St. Lucie, Florida, to await the start of spring training.

Marshawn Lynch may not want to speak to the media, but he's far from camera-shy. A movie based on his life was announced this week, along with a four-minute trailer that features Lynch playing himself on-screen.

The film, titled, "Family First: The Marshawn Lynch Story," will trace Lynch's journey from growing up in Oakland to becoming a star in the NFL. The movie will start in his childhood, with actor Demarea Davis portraying him in middle school. High school-aged Lynch will be played by his cousin, Davonte Lynch. One he moves on to playing college ball at Cal, Lynch will take over.

The four-minute trailer offers a pretty clear view of what the movie will look like, and what types of themes and story lines it will explore.

The production of the movie -- combined with Lynch's recent application for a trademark on his now-famous Super Bowl media day quote, "I'm just here so I won't get fined," does strengthen the argument that Lynch isn't media-averse, he's just pushing his own marketing agenda.

Lynch has managed to generate quite a bit of extra attention this season, particularly during the Seahawks' postseason run in January. Now he looks poised to cash in on the spotlight.

Although the film is currently in post-production, a release date has not yet been set.

If you thought bowling one perfect game was hard, try throwing three in a row.

That was the feat accomplished by Hakim Emmanuel of Stoughton, Mass., who is on track to become just the 27th person to bowl a United States Bowling Council-approved score of 900.

Emmanuel, 38, had never thrown one perfect game in his career, much less three in a row. But as he recently knocked pins down on the way to 36 consecutive strikes, fantasy quickly became reality.

"Toward the end of the second 300, in the back of my mind, I was wondering if it was real and if I could do it again," Emmanuel told "People stopped bowling as I entered the 10th frame of the last game, and I just reminded myself that I'd made it that far, so throw another good shot and see what happens."

Here's video of Emmanuel's final three strikes:

Since 1997 there have been 26 other games of 900 approved by the United States Bowling Congress. If approved, Emmanuel's would be the first to come in Massachusets.

It's probably too much to ask of Kobe Bryant that he only moderately care for "Harry Potter." As it turns out, according to the latest issue of GQ, the Lakers star isn't just a fan -- he's a mega-fan whose involvement runs very, very deep.

GQ put together a timeline of instances where Bryant has either professed or demonstrated his love for the fantasy series, and the list is long. He's met all the cast, and done so with a giant smile on his face. He's arranged for private visits to some of the shops and locations at Orlando's "Harry Potter World."

He's named at least two of his dogs after characters or spells from the book series, and name-dropped Harry Potter on at least three different episodes of "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Even one of this shoes, the Nike Zoom Kobe VII, is nicknamed the "Invisibility Cloak."

When he attended the 2012 Olympics in London, competing on the Team USA basketball team, Bryant told GQ that "I felt like Harry Potter going to Hogwarts."

Four years earlier, with his Lakers down 3-1 in the NBA Finals to the Boston Celtics, he brushed aside the uphill battle they faced by noting, "[Harry Potter] had more problems dealing with Voldemort than what we have dealing with the media and the Celtics."

Such a long list prompts another thought just as stunning as all the evidence that's been gathered so far: Just imagine all the things about Kobe's Harry Potter relationship that we don't know.

Pretty passionate fan commentary no matter how you slice it. You probably won't be surprised to know, either, that Bryant identifies with one of the houses in Hogwarts. As someone who sees himself as a villain of the NBA, you can probably guess where his allegiance lies.

It's Slytherin.

Keep on being crazy, Kobe.

Former NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman is among the athletes who have already contributed to Derek Jeter's site known as The Players' Tribune. Merriman explained why it was a rewarding experience:

Malcolm Butler is still riding the wave of his Super Bowl heroics. Not only has he been handed the keys to Tom Brady's new truck -- a prize for being named the Super Bowl MVP -- but his hometown of Vicksburg, Mississippi, will be honoring him with a parade this weekend.

Combine that with a standing ovation at a recent Boston Celtics game and an on-stage role at the Grammy's earlier this month -- where he and teammate Julian Edelman presented the Best Rock Album award -- and Butler's life has been genuinely turned upside down.

For an undrafted rookie with a small-town upbringing, Butler is new enough to fame that he can still remember what it's like to be on the other side, as a fan soaking up his presence. He's enjoying every moment he can, including a fun segment he shot for NFL Network, where he walked the streets in Los Angeles and asked passersby about the Super Bowl and his game-clinging interception.

Some fans are quicker than others to recognize Butler, but one thing is clear: His name may be famous, but his face hasn't made the leap quite yet. In moments like this, that's a gift in his own right.

Nevertheless, several people Butler interviewed took time to congratulate him on his big moment under the bright lights. The Patriots defensive back may be famous, but he's not too far removed from the moment for people to appreciate his unlikely path to stardom.

Season 19 of ABC's The Bachelor is winding down and naturally there is already speculation about who the next leading man will be.

One possibility, according to the show's host, Chris Harrison, should be Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. After all, Bryant is handsome, wealthy, emotional and (most importantly) single.

Plus, it doesn't hurt to have these abs:

Have to keep my abs right lol #throwupthex

A photo posted by Dez Bryant (@dezbryant) on

It should be noted that Harrison is a little biased -- he's a Cowboys fan -- but having Bryant on the show isn't a bad idea. Not only would it attract an entirely new demographic, Bryant's affinity for the dramatic would likely cause ratings to skyrocket.

Kudos to Harrison for the smooth shout-out to Bryant's controversial no-catch last month in the NFC divisional round game between his Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers. The marketing slogans practically write themselves:

Bryant wouldn't be the show's first athlete, as Jesse Palmer (football) and Juan Pablo Galavis (soccer) have both taken turns as the leading man. But Bryant would be the first African-American bachelor or bachelorette, which is a change of pace that would be welcome among the show's followers.

For the time being Bryant has more pressing concerns than whether and how he'll find his soulmate. After the best season of his career, during which he caught 88 passes for 1,320 yards and led the NFL with 16 touchdown receptions, there are rumors that the Cowboys might apply the franchise tag to Bryant.

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