He's won a Super Bowl, been named to two Pro Bowls and is now the third-highest paid quarterback on his own team.

Thus is life for Russell Wilson, who is still on his rookie contract, after the Seahawks traded for former Raiders starter Terrelle Pryor. Wilson will make about $660,000 in 2014 while Pryor is owed $705,000 and Tavaris Jackson will earn $1.25 million.

Wilson has skyrocketed into the upper echelon of NFL quarterbacks during his first two years in the league. He hasn't missed a regular-season start and has combined for 52 touchdowns and just 19 interceptions. He's led his team to a 5-1 record in the postseason, including an extremely impressive Super Bowl win over the Denver Broncos.

The 25-year-old Wilson is still on the four-year, $2.99 million contract he signed after getting selected by the Seahawks in the third round of the 2012 NFL draft. Under the stipulations of the NFL's 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement, he cannot renegotiate his contract until after his third season. That's the upcoming season. Assuming he doesn't get hurt, Wilson should be in for a big payday soon.

How much could he make? Perhaps between 20 and 30 times what he is on track to make in 2014. Wilson already has as many Super Bowl rings and more Pro Bowl appearances than Baltimore Ravens starter Joe Flacco, who earns $20 million per year. Jay Cutler, who has never been to the Super Bowl and has one Pro Bowl selection, recently re-signed with the Chicago Bears for an annual average salary of $18 million.

Until next year Wilson will have to rely on his considerable endorsement potential to make up for the glaring salary gap.

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With their Sunday night game against the Orioles ending at 10:40 p.m., and their matchup on Monday scheduled to begin at 11:09 a.m., a few Red Sox players decided it wasn't worth it to drive home and have to deal with all the Patriots' Day traffic and security.

So after their team's 6-5 win over the Orioles, Clay Buchholz, Mike Napoli and John Lackey had a sleepover at Fenway Park.

The men took advantage of a Sleep Room at Fenway Park, which was recommended to Red Sox president and CEO Larry Lucchino by a sleep specialist and completed last season.

Normally players use the room, which is located above the team's clubhouse, to sneak in a nap. But Buchholz, Napoli and Lackey bunked up overnight after the first evening contest to precede the franchise's annual Marathon Monday morning game.

"Being here was easier," Napoli said, via the Boston Globe. "In the sleep room. I didn't want to deal with traffic. It’s convenient. It’s a dark room. It's got blankets."

Napoli didn't seem affected by the sleep room, going without error on the day and hitting his fourth home run of the season.

Buchholz, on the other hand, may not have gotten the most restful night of sleep. The 29-year-old starter gave up seven hits and six earned runs in the third inning before getting pulled.

Lackey didn't pitch on Monday, but the 6-foot-6, 240-pounder's contribution came in not crushing Napoli during the night.

"I took the bottom," Napoli said. “I had Lackey above me and that scared me a little bit — that he was going to fall through."

Buchholz, Napoli and Lackey aren't the first pros to sleep at their workplace. Delonte West admitted that, after returning to Dallas late from certain road trips, he would spend nights sleeping in the locker room of the American Airlines Center. West's situation was different, as he did not have a permanent home during parts of his stay in North Texas.

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Florida State's victory in the 2014 BCS national championship game came with a price.

According to a report by the Tallahassee Democrat, the Seminoles' trip to Pasadena, Calif., to take on Auburn cost the school $2.82 million -- and left Florida State with a $500,000 loss.

University officials aren't worried, however, because the school expects to recoup the money. And then some. Thanks to Florida State's share of the ACC's bowl revenue, sales from merchandise and increases in ticket prices, the Seminoles expect to work their way out of the red.

The largest expense for Florida State was travel. The school sent 237 people to California as part of the team's travel party, which includes players and staff. An additional 416 people, many of them band members and cheerleaders, were in Pasadena for four days. Another 46 representatives from the school's faculty and athletics department also made the trip. In total, the Seminoles dropped $1.73 million on travel.

The university also bought more than 2,000 tickets for band, faculty and other purposes, which amounted to $710,385.

While the university says it will make back this money, this amounts to the second straight game for which Florida State posted a loss of a half million dollars. The Seminoles had a similar shortcoming in the ACC championship game.

As amazing as it seems, Florida State's expenses were relatively cheap compared to other schools in its position. The Birmingham News reports that Auburn spent $3 million this year, while Alabama dropped $3.4 million in 2013 and $4.3 million in 2010.

The business practices of college football bowls, especially BCS events, have been the subject of investigations in recent years. For example, Florida State's band was charged for tickets to attend the game, even though it played in the halftime show.

Additionally, some bowls benefit from tax breaks but are able to charge public universities, such as Florida State, for unsold tickets in the school's allotment. HBO's Real Sports reported on some of the shady business being done by bowls back in 2011:

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After watching their team lose to Seattle in the NFC championship game, and then enduring the Seahawks' celebration after they dismantled the Broncos in the Super Bowl, San Francisco 49ers fans are surely sick of their team's archrivals by now.

So it's not hard to see why a new train design would irk 49ers fans more than a little bit.

The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system has released plans for its new trains, and from the looks of it, these trains are better suited to Seattle than San Francisco:

49ers fans have already started a petition on Change.org, the description of which includes a not-so-subtle conspiracy theory:

"The Seattle Seahawks are the chief rivals of the San Francisco 49ers. To outfit BART car seats in the team colors of the Seattle Seahawks (i.e. neon green and blue) is an outrage and a slap in the face of every San Francisco 49ers fan who rides BART. We call upon BART General Manager Grace Crunican (who oddly enough worked as Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation prior to joining BART) to scrap plans to adorn BART car seats in neon green and blue and instead choose other colors."

As of Monday night, the petition had around 1,500 signatures.

While the level of hatred is strong on both sides, it's hard to believe that a person with Crunican's position would be passionate enough about the Seahawks to try and deceive everyone she works with. While this may be an oversight, it seems unlikely that it's intentional.

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After a whirlwind year, no one would have blamed Brittney Griner if she wanted to take some time off during the WNBA's offseason.

The 6-foot-8 center led the Baylor Bears to a 34-2 record during the 2012-13 season before being drafted No. 1 overall in the WNBA draft. A month-and-a-half after the draft, Griner was playing in her first WNBA game with the Phoenix Mercury. She helped lead the Mercury to the Western Conference Finals, with the team bowing out of the playoffs in late September.

One month after that, Griner arrived in China to begin a four-month stint in the Women's Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA). It was a grind, of course, but one that was a financial no-brainer.

While the Mercury could only pay Griner $49,440 in 2013, the WCBA's Zhejiang Golden Bulls signed her for approximately $600,000, according to ESPN The Magazine. Even with a $1 million endorsement contract from Nike, that type of money is hard to turn down. That's roughly six times more than the maximum salary in the WNBA.

Griner is far from the first star to spend her WNBA offseason in China, but now it is more clear of just how much the WCBA can offer. When Maya Moore, the top pick of the 2011 WNBA draft, signed with the WCBA's Shangxu Xing Rui Flame, she said she would be getting "significantly more than double" her $47,000 rookie contract.

By comparison, consider Anthony Bennett, the No. 1 overall pick of the 2013 NBA draft, whose salary this season with the Cavaliers is $5.32 million. If he could have signed with a foreign team at the same rate, his salary would be $63.84 million.

While the experience was certainly a good one for Griner's bank account, she struggled to fit in on her team and adjust to the enormous hype. Because of Griner's reputation, and her salary, she was burdened with ridiculous expectations.

"Any loss is always about what I did wrong," Griner told ESPN The Magazine. "I could score 100 points, but if we lost the game, it's, 'Well, you should have scored 200.'"

She never quite reached the century mark, but Griner did have a solid first season in China. She averaged 24.1 points, 10.3 rebounds and 3.7 blocks and led the Golden Bulls to the semifinals of the WCBA playoffs.

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Was the Masters, with its low ratings and disappointing ticket prices, an aberration or an indication of trouble in the golf world?

Fans better hope for the former, but one writer is predicting the latter.

Josh Sens of Golf.com says that golf's struggles, largely caused by Tiger Woods' absence as he recovers from back surgery, could cost the industry $15 billion.

The number is calculated from a host of different factors, including ticket prices, merchandise sales and, down the road, advertising dollars. While advertising was not affected by Woods' absence from the Masters, those spots are sold well in advance, ticket prices fell by some 20 percent in the 24 hours after Woods signaled that he would not be playing.

As Woods drops out of more tournaments -- reports indicate that he may have to skip the U.S. Open -- travel, ticket sales and general interest will all take serious hits. Brad Adgate, senior vice president and director of research for Horizon Media, told Sens that the 25-30 percent ratings drop at tournaments without Woods could translate into similar losses across the board.

Sens calculates that in a golf industry valued at $68.8 billion, that could amount to $15 billion.

Now, it should be noted that Sens' calculation is an extremely rough estimate and it has no shortage of cynics. But the bottom line is that the sport, which is already facing an existential crisis, could be in for a serious blow to its finances.

On the bright side, some experts think these struggles will make the golf industry stronger.

“Life without Tiger can be effectively good for the industry,” Rick Horrow, CEO of Horrow Sports Ventures, told Sens. “It gets promoters, sponsors and TV executives thinking more creatively, working to cultivate a greater understanding and appreciation for the inherent excitement, tradition and allure of golf.”

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Ah, the life of a professional boxer.

Several days after beating Timothy Bradley in his latest Las Vegas megabout, Manny Pacquiao and his buddies were in Los Angeles and on the way to the airport when they decided to stop by the mall. As TMZ reports, the crew hit up Nordstrom's and Pacquiao told his friends to buy whatever they wanted.

TMZ confirmed with one of Pacquiao's buddies as well as with the store itself that Pacquiao's 50-man entourage dropped $20,000 at Nordstrom's and the boxer paid for it all. While most of his friends bought several shirts and a pair of pants, Pacquiao reportedly picked up some Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.

Of course, this purchase is just a drop in the bucket for Pacquiao, who was guaranteed $20 million for his victory over Bradley and whose career earnings have exceeded $300 million.

This being Los Angeles, Pacquiao couldn't escape the mall without bumping into another celebrity. And at the mall's Apple store he happened to see Justin Bieber.

The encounter must have been a little awkward, seeing as Bieber is a proclaimed fan of Pacquiao's rival, Floyd Mayweather.

After Pacquiao's 2012 defeat at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez, Bieber posted some controversial memes of the boxer as he lay unconscious on the mat.

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These past few months have been a whirlwind for Penn State coach James Franklin.

Since his hiring was made official on Jan. 11, the 42-year-old has had to move to State College, finish the recruiting season and oversee the Nittany Lions' spring practices.

With all that on his plate, Franklin can be excused if he hasn't exactly had time to look for a house in the area. At the start of his tenure he was living in a hotel. But with the hectic pace of spring football, he moved into his office.

Laken Litman of USA Today spoke to Franklin, who said he sometimes works from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. For the past month he's been sleeping on an air mattress in his office.

"I'm not a sleep-in-the-office kind of guy," Franklin said. "You hear about coaches sleeping in their offices. I've never done that. It's just my family isn't here and I haven't had a chance to look and find a place."

Penn State's spring game was last weekend, so presumably Franklin will have more time to search for housing in the coming weeks.

Or, if he's looking for some more excitement, he could shack up with his assistant coaches, who have also relocated to Penn State but haven't found permanent housing. Franklin told Litman that several assistant coaches are staying at offensive line coach Herb Hand’s home.

"It's almost like Animal House over there," Franklin said.

Franklin comes to Penn State after going 24-15 with three bowl appearances in three years at Vanderbilt. He signed a six-year, $27 million contract with Penn State, so he should be able to find some comfortable housing once he gets out of his office.

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Kobe Bryant was so unhappy with how this season went for his Los Angeles Lakers that he didn't even stay in the country for his team's final game.

Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times notes that Bryant bolted for France with his family early this week. The Lakers played their final game of the season on Wednesday against the San Antonio Spurs.

Bryant was spotted at Los Angeles International airport on Monday and in Europe on Wednesday:

It's been a tough season for Bryant, who sat out the first few weeks as he recovered from a torn achilles tendon. He came back for six games but fractured his left knee on Dec. 17 and was sidelined for the rest of the season.

Bryant has repeatedly expressed frustration with his Lakers, who finished the year with the franchise's worst record since moving to Los Angeles in 1960. Bryant couldn't even muster a smile for the team's photo last month.

As if his early exit wasn't evidence enough that Bryant is already moving on from this disastrous season, the 35-year-old sent out a tweet confirming that he is already looking towards the 2014-15 campaign.

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They've got their own nickname, reality show and now, dating website.

They are Green Bay Packers fans, and they are ready for love.

According to Paul Imig of Fox Sports Wisconsin, the site GreenBayPackersLovers.com has been in operation for less than one month and already counts more than 400 people as members (the website lists 236 male members and 197 female members).

"Packers Backers alike will enjoy the site," Kelly Davis, the site's founder, said in a press release. "This is a state of the art dating website with the ability to participate in forums, real time full featured chat with members, send messages, receive messages, send winks, build a friends and hot people list, ban others from contacting you, see who has visited your profile, see who has winked at you, upload photos and decide whether they'll be private or public, and even a built in calendar to keep track of important dates and public events planned for the community."

With any luck, this site will bring together Cheeseheads who will watch games together, go on to have a Packers-themed wedding and maybe even name their son after quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

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