The rumors you've heard are half-true: Yes, Russell Wilson is bringing a smoking hot date to the White House Correspondent's Dinner.

But no, that hot babe is not pop singer Ciara. It's actually Wilson's grandmother.

Rumors had been swirling after an alleged RSVP from Wilson to the dinner showed that his guest joining him was named "Ciara." Observers quickly attributed him to the singer and wondered if the couple had been secretly dating.

Wilson posted a video on Facebook to offer a simple clarification: He'll be spending the evening with his grandma.

Can't wait to dance with my beautiful date at the WHCD this weekend! #shesgotmoves #loveugrandma

Posted by Russell Wilson on Thursday, April 23, 2015

"Can't wait to dance with my beautiful date at the WHCD this weekend! #shesgotmoves #loveugrandma," Wilson wrote in the post.

Of course, that hasn't quelled rumors about his relationship with Ciara. Many celebrity news outlets remain convinced that the two are dating, and that Wilson's decision to bring his grandma may simply be a smoke-and-mirrors act he came up with after drawing so much media attention.

That's all speculation. What can be sure of: His grandma is one lucky lady.

The Pope and Taylor Swift do seem an unlikely duo, but each played a similar role in the NFL's complex schedule-making process: they were quite a pain.

Every year, the NFL's regular-season schedule proves a very arduous task. As Peter King explains for MMQB, the 2015 slate took four men and 136 computers before a workable schedule could be drafted. Managing home-and-away games, fitting in division battles, and choosing great match-ups for primetime performances are all critical to the process.

But that's not all. The men and computers also had to stay in compliance with about 50 "must-have" requirements. Among them: Avoiding potential conflicts with three different Taylor Swift concerts, and making sure the Eagles were out of town on the weekend of Pope Francis's visit.

King reports that the NFL's agreement to steer clear of the Pope came after the the archbishop of Philadelphia contacted Roger Goodell personally to put in the request. Citing potential traffic headaches and the desire to give local residents -- including Eagles fans -- a chance to see the Pope in person, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput asked if the team could play on the road that week.

Goodell complied, after some help from NFL senior vice president of broadcasting Howard Katz.

"The pope did influence the NFL schedule," Katz told King. "My name may be Katz, but I wasn't taking any chances."

There were plenty of other headaches, too, such as those in Oakland and Kansas City, where the Raiders and Chiefs share stadiums or facilities with Major League Baseball's Athletics and Royals. Not only do both teams have a one-month overlap of regular-season schedules with NFL teams, but both are strong candidates for postseason play, which could further throw a wrench into scheduling.

In total, it took 37,793 different generated schedules before the right one was landed upon. The NFL sounds pretty happy about the end product. We haven't heard from Taylor Swift.

All three men in the ring for the main event on May 2 at the MGM Grand will be making a record amount of money.

That includes, of course, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, who are expected to generate more than $400 million in total revenue.

It also includes Kenny Bayless, who is considered one of the top referees in the sport and will officiate the upcoming fight. While Bayless, 64, won't make anywhere near as much as Mayweather or Pacquiao, relatively speaking his pay is quite generous.

Reports indicate that Bayless will make $25,000 for the fight. For perspective, Bayless was paid $10,000 for Mayweather's 2013 showdown with Canelo Alvarez. Not a bad rate for a few hours of work.

Bayless has officiated several bouts for both Mayweather and Pacquiao. He was in the ring for Mayweather's fights with Oscar De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez and Pacquiao's bouts against Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez.

NCAA tournament referees, on the other hand, are lucky to crack $2,000 if they make it to the Final Four weekend.

It seems only fitting that Bayless will get a pretty penny for refereeing the most profitable fight of all time, but is it too much? ESPN's Darren Rovell thinks so:

Rovell appears to be arguing that with the stakes of the fight so high, it is foolish to pay an official this much money. The last thing fans would want is to see a referee exert too much influence on a fight.

If the fight goes the distance, it will feature 36 minutes of boxing action. That means Bayless would earn nearly $700 per minute.

Want to take a ride on Rob Gronkowski's legendary party bus? You better start listening to Taylor Swift.

The fun-loving New England Patriots tight end is offering a spot on his personalized party machine, the so-called "Sinners Bus," for one lucky fan who donates to his charity.

But that fan must also meet the strict qualifications for riding the bus, which means more than simply loving to drink. In a new video, Gronkowski goes through a whole list of the qualities he is looking for in partier. Oddly enough, that includes a love of a certain 25-year-old pop star.

Gronkowki's party bus became a pseudo-celebrity during the NFL playoffs, as it followed the Pro Bowler and his Patriots all the way to the Super Bowl. There were some bumps along the road, like when the bus was denied entrance to the parking lot for the Patriots' AFC championship game with the Indianapolis Colts, but the bus emerged unscathed. It even accompanied Gronkowski to Los Angeles for some post-championship partying.

This competition is just more proof that Gronkowski is having one of the best off-seasons of all time. He's spiking everything in sight, chugging lots and lots of adult beverages and hanging out with professional wrestlers:

Make fun of Dwight Howard at your own risk. if the contents of his Houston home are any indication, the Rockets star has some screws loose.

According to a profile by Jared Zwerling for Bleacher Report, Howard keeps a very strange home in the Houston area. That's apparent right from entering the front door, where visitors can find a massive, $70,000 fish and snake tank.

In total, Howard owns about 20 pet snakes, and he thinks of them as his children.

"Minnie has this pretty face and these pretty eyes," Howard says of one of his boa constrictors. "And now they have these beautiful babies. They're just all bunched up right now like they love each other [he smiles and hugs himself]. It's so cool to see. I even had a baby monitor for Minnie [when she was pregnant]. You had to watch everything that she did."

Once again, that is Dwight Howard talking about a snake.

The crazy doesn't end there, either. Howard apparently keeps more than 50 guns in his home. Some are for taking to the shooting range, which Howard sees as a quintessential Texas pasttime.

"He also collects, just for show, miniguns and bazookas," writes Zwerling.

Bazookas and boa constrictors. Quite the catch, that Dwight Howard.

For some reason, a lot of Americans enjoy spending entire days watching golf on TV.

Lindsey Vonn is not one of those people, and it doesn't matter much that her boyfriend is Tiger Woods.

Appearing on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" on Monday, Vonn made a very telling face when Meyers asked if she was a fan of golf before she met Tiger.

"Do you like watching golf? Is that something you did before [dating Woods]?" Meyer asks.

The expression speaks for itself: No, Seth, and in fact, she despises golf.

Credit Vonn for saving a little face and at least not outright saying how she felt, even if we all know exactly how she feels. After a long, belabored windup, Vonn finally answers, "I love golf." No one believed her, but she stuck to that line.

She did, however, credit herself as being a great girlfriend for supporting Tiger through his five-hour rounds -- especially when, as Meyers notes, her own competition lasts about 90 seconds.

So it's probably a mix of good and bad that Tiger is back from injury and looking decent. It's going to be a long summer, Lindsey.

Ever since Dion Waiters was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2012, fans and analysts alike have likened him to Dwyane Wade.

Both shooting guards have similar builds and share an explosiveness and ability to get to the rim.

The comparison got a little too real recently, when one woman took a photo with Waiters thinking he was Wade. Waiters saw the woman's picture and chided her for her mistake:

A photo posted by @waiters3 on

Waiters included a caption which featured plenty of laughing emojis along with the following hashtags:

"no she wasn't ready!!!! #whenAskingforApicgoWrong
#sheProlligoneSayiplayFORthe #OKC Eagles

Sexism of the comment aside, perhaps it's good that Waiters got a moment of levity following a tough season. After a few turbulent years in Cleveland, Waiters was traded in January to the Oklahoma City Thunder, who fell short of expectations and missed the playoffs due in large part to an injury to Kevin Durant.

Now that Waiters has publicized this poor woman's mistake, the best case scenario for her is that the real Dwyane Wade meets up with her for a photo. That's what Houston Texans running back Arian Foster did for a fan who made a similar error.

The Los Angeles Lakers may not be in the playoffs this year, but their locker room is still being put to use.

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer has reportedly transformed the Lakers' locker room into a a lounge while his team battles the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

To the victors go the spoils, apparently.

While this was probably more of a practical move than anything else, just the fact that Ballmer is using the Lakers' locker room for this purpose has many people tickled.

While the Lakers are on vacation following the worst season in franchise history (the club finished with a 21-61 record), the Clippers are in the thick of the hunt for the Western Conference crown.

Los Angeles topped the San Antonio Spurs in the first game of their series, and suffice it to say Ballmer was pleased with what he saw.

It's been a breathtaking turn of events for the Clippers, who one year ago were caught in the middle of a nasty controversy thanks to comments made by former owner Donald Sterling. Now the team is the third seed in the Western Conference with a series lead over the defending champions.

Devin Booker was a crucial part of the Kentucky Wildcats team that finished the regular season undefeated. The sharpshooting freshman averaged 10 points and was named the SEC's Sixth Man of the Year.

And for his efforts, Booker has received quite a bizarre gift from the women of Lexington, Ky.

During a recent radio interview, Booker mentioned a disturbing incident involving his car.

"Someone told me, 'they did something to your car out there, I'm not gonna tell you,' so I said 'What was it?' and they said 'a girl licked your car.'"


Unfortunately for Booker, the licking has become a movement and numerous other women have been caught putting their tongues on Booker's door handle.

There's been some confusion as to why these women feel the need to show their affection in this manner, but the answer may be simple. The 6-foot-6 Booker is, according to many Kentucky fans, quite handsome.

Here's a sampling of tweets about the 18-year-old.

Perhaps these women know they have a rapidly closing window to woo Booker. He, along with six of his teammates, has declared that he's leaving Kentucky and will enter the NBA draft.

The Oklahoma Sooner football team had a strong presence in the storm of response to the scandal that hit the SAE fraternity on its campus.

The racially charged video, which featured offensive language and comments about black people, prompted coach Bob Stoops to attend a school unity demonstration, while the program as a whole issued a lengthy, strong statement.

That public presentation came only after a very turbulent period that, according to center Ty Darlington, almost divided the team into two emotionally charged camps.

"It almost tore us apart," said Darlington to Fox Sports' Stewart Mandel. "We had the longest couple days of our life. A lot of screaming and yelling, some near physical altercations."

Meanwhile, Stoops cancelled some spring practices to allow the players time to address the matter personally. Players held a series of meetings and found themselves divided: some wanted to take a collective stand against Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the video, while others wanted to focus on football and leave the social issue alone.

News reports last month revealed that the racist chant, which was carried on by a large group of fraternity members filling us a charter bus, was learned at an SAE national leadership event several years ago.

The team's ultimate stance in protest of the video, and in unity with other members of the university, came only after the football program's members nearly turned against one another.

Now, the issue appears to be put in the past, and the team is back to football, and focused on improving after last year's disappointing 8-5 season.

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