Alex Rodriguez

Lifelong Yankees fan Helen Fowler did not root for Alex Rodriguez. In 2015, A-Rod did everything he could to win her over. He hit 33 home runs with 86 RBI. But it was not enough. Fowler took her feelings to the grave.

The 85-year-old New Jersey grandmother passed away on Sept. 29. Her obituary in The Star-Ledger calls her "a lifelong Yankees fan, with the exception of Alex Rodriguez."

Helen Fowler Obituary

R.I.P. Helen. If it means anything, there is no way Rodriguez goes to Cooperstown. Fowler, who lived through Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Munson and Jeter, may roll over in her grave Tuesday. The Yankees host the Astros in the A.L. Wild Card game, and Rodrgiuez is sure to play a part as the Yankees' DH.

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