Marshall Faulk played in St. Louis during the Pax Ramana. During the Hall of Fame running back's seven years as a Ram, the team made two Super Bowls, winning one, and five playoff appearances. Faulk won an MVP award and Kurt Warner won two.

Marshall Faulk

The franchise is a long way removed from "The Greatest Show on Turf." The Rams have not reached the postseason since Faulk's second-to-last NFL season in 2004. Only the Bills, Raiders and Browns have longer playoff droughts. In a loaded division with the Seahawks, 49ers and Cardinals, it does not get any easier in 2015.

Marshall Faulk HOF

"If I knew and had that recipe, I'd give it to you right now," Faulk said. "I am going to say that a healthy quarterback, a consistent quarterback, a guy that you can build around [helps]. The Rams believe that that guy is Nick Foles."

St. Louis rolled the dice this offseason, shipping the team's first overall pick in 2010, Sam Bradford, to the Eagles for Foles. The decision worked in Week 1, as the Rams upset the Seahawks, 34-31. Foles was 18-of-27 for 297 yards and a touchdown pass (and a touchdown run).

"It seems to be that he's starting to settle in here in St. Louis," Faulk said at the end of the preseason. "You need consistent quarterback play in our league to be successful. The teams that are consistently competing, getting into the playoffs, having a shot at winning the Super Bowl, they are the ones who have a figurehead at quarterback that they get count on that they know is going to be there for 16 games and help their team win games."

The Rams lost to the Redskins, 24-10. in Week 2 as Foles went 17-of-32 for 150 yards and one touchdown.

Faulk had Warner, who earned a third MVP as a member of the Arizona Cardinals, a franchise notorious in St. Louis. The Cardinals were founded in Chicago in 1920, but they spent 1960-1987 beside the Gateway Arch. A 1988 move to Phoenix left St. Louis without an NFL team until the Rams arrived from Los Angeles in 1995.

Recently, stadium issues have prompted the Rams consider leaving St. Louis. A return to Los Angeles could be in the cards.

Marshall Faulk And Emmitt Smith

Faulk hopes not.

"Understand the fans here know how important the team is here," he said. "They lost a team once before, that being the Cardinals. You don't want to be the city to lose two teams. Understanding the business of everything, you do what you can to keep a team, but for Stan Kroenke, he wants to plan a new stadium, he wants a better stadium. Hopefully they can come to a resolution and get something done to keep the Rams here in St. Louis."

They will host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

Faulk is currently a spokesman for Verizon Wireless, which has developed the NFL Mobile App. The app provides Verizon customers with live streams of local and primetime NFL games, as well as the NFL Network 24/7. As part of #WhyNotWednesday, Verizon will consistently provide exclusive NFL coverage during the middle of the week.

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