Joe Flacco has a Super Bowl MVP trophy. He's started every game for the Ravens since his rookie season in 2008. He is the young franchise's leader in career passing yards (25,531), most career pass completions (2,213), most career passing touchdowns (148), most regular season wins (72) and most postseason wins (10).

Objectively speaking, Flacco is an above-average quarterback. But is he elite? Sides are split in the football world, so one writer tried posing the question to Republican candidates at Thursday night's GOP Debate.

The intruder is indeed "PFT Commenter," a football blogger, who claims to have started the "Is Joe Flacco Elite?" conversation/meme/debate. He documented his endeavors in Cleveland on SB Nation.

On Twitter, he looked pretty energized in the crowd outside Quicken Loans Arena:

The Ravens chimed in supporting their signal caller -- though it seems they didn't catch on to PFT Commenter with the first couple tweets.

Even some political journalists chimed in on the debate -- the Flacco debate, that is.

OK, so we will probably never know if Ann Coulter was talking about the sign or the two men kissing on the left side of the picture. That just makes the picture all the more compelling.

All of this happened in the shadows of a much larger main event: 10 Republican hopefuls debated a variety of issues, from the economy to the Iran deal to Obamacare to God.

But they didn't answer everything. The question still remains: is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback?

Ravens fans hope so. Baltimore opens its season at Denver on Sept. 13.

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