Sometimes, the way you describe something makes all the difference in how people see it. So forgive the general public if they're a touch unimpressed with Thursday's start of the NBA Finals.

The odds are good they caught a scathing skit from the latest episode of Comedy Central's "Key & Peele," in which the comedy duo delivers the most brutally honest play-by-play ever dispensed to a basketball game.

Even if you're a die-hard fan, it's hard not to laugh at the smart points the short skit makes.

"We have both made careers watching adult men play a simple child's game, all while being paid more than the president," says Key, performing as commentator Chick Sarica.

Later, once the game begins, the most literally play-by-play is provided:

"The alleged rapist passes the big orange ball to the sweaty legal giant, and the legal giant easily puts the ball into the basket, making it look easy, which if you’re 7-feet tall, it is."

Peele keeps it going, implicitly criticizing the way pro athletes are glorified -- even when they exhibit poor character in other aspects of life:

"The high school dropout inbounds to the convicted spousal abuser, he slashes through all of the drug addicts, drops the ball off to the genetic freak, and boom-crack-a-lacka! Two points!"

Enjoy the NBA Finals.

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